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See Board Member Bios for some biographical details.

Board *

Please note that the board in not the appropriate body to report bugs to or to ask for technical assistance. The resources listed on the Wiki Help Page are typically better places to ask such questions. Also see our Contact page.

Officer roles
Chairperson Allan Mustard
Secretary Amanda McCann *
Treasurer Guillaume Rischard *
Board member name Non-officer roles Email address
Allan Mustard
Eugene Alvin Villar
Guillaume Rischard Budget Committee chair
Jean-Marc Liotier Personnel Committee chair
Mikel Maron Fundraising Committee chair
Amanda McCann
Tobias Knerr Open Source Initiative delegate
* Note about Board, Secretary and Treasurer email aliases
Please note that these are not limited to the aforementioned board members, but may also be copied to other parties.

At the time of writing this is Dorothea Kazazi, our Administrative assistant, copied for the board@ and the secretary@ emails, and Michelle Heydon, our Accountant, copied for the Treasurer@ emails.