Advisory Board

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What is the Advisory Board?

The Advisory Board is a group of individuals that the OpenStreetMap Foundationd Board of Directors may consult on important decisions (either as a group, or as individuals). Much like an OSMF working group, the Advisory Board does not have a formal role or structure defined by the Articles of Association; to a large degree, the Advisory Board governs itself. The Advisory Board can also, from time to time, come up with their own issues or suggestions and offer them to the OSMF board.

The Advisory Board consists of one representative each of all Gold and Platinum level corporate members of the OpenStreetMap Foundation, as well as one representative each of all properly established Local Chapters of the Foundation. The OSMF board will also keep a presence on the Advisory Board through one or more OSMF board members. OSMF board will also consider inviting individuals whose knowledge or experience is deemed beneficial to the group.

The Advisory Board does not per se have any powers other than that the OSMF board listens to what it has to say.

The OSMF Board of Directors has the ultimate say about who may participate in the Advisory Board, and may use this discretion to ensure a positive environment.

Unless and until the Advisory Board itself determines otherwise, discussions in the Advisory Board are private. However, to ensure transparency, the OSMF Board of Directors will publicly minute, in their board meeting minutes, any communication sent to, or received from, the Advisory Board.

Current Members of the Advisory Board and their Affiliations