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Advisory Board members communicate via a dedicated mailing list. Unless and until the Advisory Board itself determines otherwise, discussions in the Advisory Board are private.

However, to ensure transparency, the OSMF Board of Directors will publicly minute, in their board meeting minutes, any communication sent to, or received from, the Advisory Board members. You can find an overview below.


Year-Month Communication initiated by Topics
2018-10 Facebook (Gold Corporate Member)
  • Enquiry about whether OSMF could help Corporate Members by receiving funds on behalf of the regional SotMs and transferring en masse. This would make sponsorship a whole lot easier, as it is currently difficult is getting funds to regional SotMs, because of procurement system requirements. A handling fee for the administrative overhead could be added.
2018-10 OSMF Board of Directors
2018-08 OSM UK (Local Chapter)
  • OSM UK informed the AB that they will respond to the UK Geospatial Commission's call for evidence, which "encourage(s) responses from the geospatial industry and beyond to help set the UK's future geospatial vision". The call for evidence closes on 24 October.
2018-07 State of the Map Working Group
2018-07-28 Apple (Gold Corporate Member)
2018-07 OSM UK (Local Chapter)
  • Shared some updates about their Annual General Meeting in Manchester, which was combined with a mapping party. This was a joint event with Open Data Manchester (an ODI Node).
2018-05 OSMF Board of Directors
2018-04 State of the Map Working Group
  • Supporting the first State of the Map (SotM) conference in Oceania, which will be a joint FOSS4G and SotM event. It is backed by a non profit spatial industry body (Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute) and will be held in Melbourne, Australia, 21-24 November 2018.
2018-03 State of the Map Working Group
  • Call for venues for State of the Map 2019.
2018-02 State of the Map Working Group
2018-02 Licensing Working Group
  • Forwarded the General Data Protection Regulation draft - discussion.
2018-03 State of the Map Working Group
  • State of the Map 2018 updates.
2018-01 OSMF Board of Directors


Year-Month Contacted by Topics
2017-12 State of the Map Working Group
2017-11 Data Working Group
2017-10 State of the Map Working Group
  • Discussion about sponsoring multiple SotM events.
2017-08 OSMF Board of Directors