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Draft Minutes of the 2016 Annual General Meeting of the OpenStreetMap Foundation



Board Members

  • Kate Chapman (wonderchook) [chair]
  • Paul Norman (pnorman)
  • Frederik Ramm (woodpeck)
  • Peter Barth (peda_)
  • Martijn van Exel (mvexel)

Other Foundation Members

(This list will include both regular and associate members and will be compared against the official records.)

Meeting Start

The meeting commences at 16:00 UTC.


Kate links the agenda and notes that the meeting will be unmoderated, unlike last year.

1. Minutes of the last Meeting

Last year's minutes - consisting of the IRC log- were accepted (Peter Barth, Martijn van Exel, Paul Norman).

2. Chairperson's report

The Chairperson's report is linked.

Kate asks if there were any questions, and says that questions can also be asked later on osmf-talk, on the blog or by contacting her directly. No questions are asked.

3. Treasurer's report

The Treasurer's report is linked.

Audition of OSMF finances: Frederik highlights that the 2015 finances are being audited by a volunteer auditor for the first time in OSMF history. Specifically, they are audited by Manfred Reiter, whom many might know from his work on the OSMweekly, and whose report will be published in the coming week on osmf-talk. Additionally, Frederik mentions that mid-2017 OSMF will be looking for an auditor for the 2016 finances.

Martijn adds that there was a discussion related to the Treasurer's report on omsf-talk.

4. Election to the Board

Kate notes that, as posted to OSMF-Talk, the closing of the election has been delayed until Wednesday 16:00 UTC, 14 December 2016, and that more information regarding to the election is available.

5. Any other business

No items are raised.

Meeting Adjourned

Meeting adjourned at 1630 UTC until 1600 UTC on Wednesday, 14 December 2016, at which time it will continue -only for a short moment- in order to announce the election results.


The meeting was conducted over IRC, and a transcript is below. IP addresses have been obfuscated.

16:00:57 wonderchook: Hello Everyone, it is 16:00 UTC and time to open the 2016 Annual General Meeting of the OpenStreetMap Foundation
16:00:59 mvexel (~mvexel@**********) has joined
16:01:02 woodpeck gives channel operator status to mvexel
16:01:03 trigpoint (~phil@**********) has joined
16:01:15 mvexel: hi
16:01:25 wonderchook: as a reminder the agenda is here: as well as in the topic
16:02:28 wonderchook: The channel is not moderated like it was last year so people can just speak if they need to, we will try this method out
16:03:00 #osmf-gm: mode (+m) by pnorman
16:03:25 wonderchook: First up on the agenda is reviewing the minutes of the last meeting
16:03:27 RAytoun (~521056a6@**********) has joined
16:04:53 #osmf-gm: mode (-m) by woodpeck
16:05:19 tosky: given that the minutes are the IRC logs, do we need to do anything special (approve?)
16:05:48 wonderchook: someone can motion to accept the minutes
16:05:56 peda_: I motion to accept them
16:05:59 SK53 (~chatzilla@**********) has joined
16:06:01 mvexel: I move to accept
16:06:04 mvexel: second
16:06:44 gregoryLWD (~LivingWit@**********) has joined
16:06:54 pnorman: second
16:07:03 tosky: second
16:07:09 wonderchook: The minutes from the 2015 AGM are accepted
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16:08:48 wonderchook: next up we have the Chairperson's report which is available here:
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16:09:17 wonderchook: are there any questions?
16:09:18 RAytoun (~521056a6@**********) has joined
16:10:30 wonderchook: you can always ask questions later on osmf-talk or comment in the blog
16:10:36 wonderchook: or contacting me directly as well
16:11:56 wonderchook: next up is the treasurer's report which is available here:
16:12:34 woodpeck: i'm here and i can answer questions if anyone has anything
16:12:35 wonderchook: woodpeck do you have anything else you want to add?
16:12:50 woodpeck: there's one thing i'd like to add:
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16:13:08 woodpeck: the 2015 finances are being audited by a volunteer auditor for the first time in OSMF history ;)
16:13:20 woodpeck: it is Manfred Reiter whom many might know from his work on the "weekly"
16:13:32 woodpeck: he was planning to have a report ready for the GM but didn't quite finish
16:13:47 woodpeck: his results will be published in the coming week on osmf-talk
16:13:52 mvexel: for those who do not monitor osmf-talk, quite a few topics asked and answered in this thread too:
16:14:35 woodpeck: and mid-2017 we're going to be looking for an auditor for the 2016 finances ;)
16:14:47 woodpeck: but that's all from me.
16:15:54 sfkeller (~chatzilla@**********) has joined
16:16:46 wonderchook: Okay so next up on the agenda is the Election to the Board
16:17:21 wonderchook: As posted to OSMF-Talk the closing of the election has been delayed until Wednesday 16:00 UTC
16:17:33 wonderchook: 14 December 2016
16:17:51 wonderchook: Other information regarding the election is available here:
16:19:48 clairedelune (~clairedel@**********) has joined
16:21:19 wonderchook: because of the delay in the closing of the voting we well come back briefly to the AGM when the ballots close to accept the results
16:21:43 Stereo: Do we move to adjourn until Wednesday?
16:21:49 wonderchook: No net yet
16:21:52 wonderchook: not yet
16:23:11 wonderchook: Before we move on to any other business can people who aren't using their real name in IRC message dorothea_ your name for the attendance list?
16:23:21 robbieonsea (~rob@**********) has joined
16:24:35 wonderchook: Fifth on the agenda is Any other business
16:24:44 wonderchook: does anyone have anything?
16:24:50 SK53: As I am not a current paid up member this can only be regarded as suggestion for someone who is in good membership standing to propose a vote of thanks to the Board, Admin Assistant, Election Scrutineers, Volunteer Auditors, members of all Working Groups, the local SotM organising committees, and last but not least the DevOps team for all their hard work & dedication during the year
16:25:26 AndrewHain: I will propose that.
16:25:33 woodpeck: excellent ;)
16:25:37 RAytoun: I second that
16:25:40 tosky: I second that too
16:26:39 Stereo: Very good idea. Thank you.
16:26:43 tosky: (and boards of local chapters too?)
16:28:35 wonderchook: thank you all
16:28:44 wonderchook: AOB?
16:30:14 wonderchook: If there is nothing else then I suggest we motion to adjourn until 16:00 UTC Wednesday 14th December 2016
16:30:26 pnorman: seconded
16:30:57 peda_: I second
16:31:17 Stereo: Seconded.
16:31:26 wonderchook: motion accepted, see everyone back on Wednesday. Once again message dorothea_ your name for the attendance
16:31:48 mvexel: thanks all for attending
16:31:53 woodpeck: thanks everyone & goodbye