Annual General Meetings/2017/Election to Board

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Results pending

Number of seats available: 2
Candidates: 4

  • Voting will stop during the AGM
  • The OpaVote result will be announced after it has been confirmed by Michael Spreng (Membership Working Group) using OpenSTV.

Detailed results


Text output: Results pending
The text output will be in this format. (R=Round)


Graphical output: Results pending
The graphs will look similar to these.
A link to the OpaVote page with the graphical output will be added and will be accessible till 18th Jan, 2018, while a file with the graphs will be also uploaded here.

Information about STV.
More info about the election.

Anonymised ballots

  • They will be downloadable from the OpaVote election page (till 18th Jan. 2018)
  • They will be uploaded here.
  • They can be provided to anyone who asks and is not aware of the other options.