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11th Annual General Meeting of the OpenStreetMap Foundation

Date:09 December 2017
Place: IRC chat room #osmf-gm on the IRC network


16:00:25 wonderchook: Hello Everyone, it is 16:00 UTC and time to open the 2017 Annual General Meeting of the OpenStreetMap Foundation.
16:00:48 wonderchook: If you have not already if you could please message dorothea_ with your name so you attendance can be noted and added to the meeting minutes
16:01:47 wonderchook: we are closing the vote at this time as well so we can tally it and provide the results later in the meeting
16:01:55 wonderchook: has anyone not voted that needs to?
16:02:54 wonderchook: here is the agenda for today's meeting:
16:03:46 wonderchook: Up now on the agenda is approval of the minutes from the previous meeting:
16:04:27 wonderchook: as a reminder someone will need to motion to approve the minutes
16:04:44 mvexel: I move to approve the meetings as linked above
16:05:07 peda: seconded
16:05:13 pnorman: Seconded
16:05:27 wonderchook: The minutes from the 2016 AGM are accepted
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16:05:55 wonderchook: Prior to sharing the chairperson's report I'd like to take a moment to thank Paul and Ilya for their service on the board for the past year.
16:06:13 mvexel: second that!
16:06:23 woodpeck: +1
16:06:31 xivk: +1
16:06:51 wonderchook: Here is the chairperson's for this year report. Any questions? If you have questions later you may ask in the diary or on OSMF-talk:
16:08:33 wonderchook: Next up is the treasurer's report. woodpeck, the floor is yours
16:08:43 mvexel: as an aside to the members present: if you hear from anyone having trouble connecting through, you should be able to connect through as well
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16:08:53 woodpeck: i've published a report ahead, on the osmf wiki here:
16:09:03 woodpeck:
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16:09:27 woodpeck: generally, the 2017 business year was very slow compared to our budget -
16:09:37 woodpeck: we had assumed to spend more on legal and on hardware than we actually did,
16:10:01 woodpeck: and we had originally planned to run a funding drive to pay for that but didn't do that in the end
16:10:20 woodpeck: we had budgeted £40k income from corporate members but got (so far) £55k
16:10:42 woodpeck: so things are looking good, but nevertheless we'll likely do a funding drive next year again -
16:10:56 woodpeck: in order to not depend too much on income from large corporate members.
16:11:09 woodpeck: other than that -
16:11:40 woodpeck: as i mentioned at the end of the report we're moving to a new accountant and a new online accounting platform, which I hope will also allow us to generate more and better human-readable financial statements
16:12:02 woodpeck: those of you who follow the quarterly statements i publish on the wiki will probably agree that they are not exactly easy to understand.
16:12:16 woodpeck: pfft... nothing more to add really.
16:12:31 woodpeck: if anyone has questions, you can ask me here now or later on osmf-talk
16:14:24 wonderchook: Next up is the election results. mvexel I leave it to you
16:14:41 mvexel: thanks woodpeck
16:14:59 mvexel: we had a good turnout
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16:15:33 mvexel: out of 754 eligible members, we received 478 valid ballots
16:15:53 mvexel: that's 63%
16:16:36 mvexel: the results were double checked by datendelphin just now using OpenSTV so we are ready to announce
16:17:23 mvexel: Our newly elected chairpersons are Heather Leson and Paul Norman
16:17:43 Free_Bird: Chairpersons?
16:17:56 mvexel: Congratulations to both, and thank you all for participating
16:17:59 wonderchook: board members
16:18:21 mvexel: sorry Free_Bird, that was confusing wording
16:18:53 mvexel: The anonymized results will be available to anyone who would like to do their own checking
16:19:01 heatherleson: thank you.
16:19:18 DavidDean: Congratulations Heather and Paul!
16:19:27 mvexel: Are there any questions about this topic?
16:19:29 heatherleson: my regards to fellow candidates and to those stepping down from the board (Ilya)
16:20:53 Free_Bird: I have a question: were there any invalid ballots?
16:21:15 mvexel: Free_Bird, yes, 11 empty ballots
16:21:23 xivk: Congrats heather and paul!
16:21:39 dmoriarty: Congrats Paul n' Heather!
16:22:02 mvexel: Also thank you to the candidates who were not elected, David Dean and Joost Schouppe
16:22:03 Free_Bird: Thank you, mvexel, and of course congratulations to Heather and Paul.
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16:22:32 Kateregga1: Congrats Heather and Paul!
16:23:02 wonderchook: next up on the agenda: any other business
16:23:04 heatherleson: i would also like to extend a special thanks to David and Joost. I truly enjoyed reading their wiki comments and think they are invaluable to osm
16:23:09 joost_schouppe_: Thanks, it's been an interesting ride. Congrats to Heather and Paul. Will be pestering all of the board from the MWG from now on :)
16:23:23 heatherleson: Great!
16:23:25 ben_fournier: Congratulations to Heather and Paul, deep thanks to Joost and David, and Ilya! See you around all
16:23:49 pnorman: Thanks to everyone for running.
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16:24:31 diakhasso: Thanks for the work setting up the GM, producing the reports and running the GM, congratulations to Heather Leson and Paul Norman for their election, to Joost and David as well as all the voting members (diakhasso aka Nicolas Chavent)
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16:26:14 wonderchook: Now is there any other business?
16:27:10 wonderchook: If not I motion we close the meeting.
16:27:22 mvexel: I second
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16:28:05 pnorman: Also seconded
16:28:24 wonderchook: The 2017 AGM is closed. Everyone have a lovely end of year and thank you for your membership in the foundation