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The list is sortable and contains items that did not arise from board meetings. Incomplete.

  • Items in bold are new (arose during ~ past month).
  • Status column - "updated": Item had an update during past month (board meeting or board chat), other than "in progress".
Name Date Status Action item and status Source Related to
Board 2020-05-21 to consult Working Groups on whether there should be a Conflict of Interest policy for WGs and committees and what changes have to be made to the board CoI policy to make it applicable to these groups. Meeting Conflict of Interest
Board 2020-06-11 chat to look into a particular Microgrant application, after question from one of the Directors regarding the amount requested. Board chat Microgrants
Board 2020-06-11 chat Updated to send an email to the company acknowledging receipt of the Corporate Membership application and say we are looking into it.

#2020-06: We sent an email acknowledging receipt. The Board also received an email from LWG afterwards.

Board chat Recent Corporate Member application
Allan 2020-03 to reach out to FOSS community for expertise/experience in software governance

#2020-05: In progress

S2S 2020 "Taking stock of governance and identifying areas for improvement"
Allan 2020-05 to work with Dorothea and clean the Action Item list, particularly items belonging to past board members. Meeting Action items
Guillaume 2020-03 to ask opinions from AB members on his suggested attribution solution (attribution always on and collapses)

#2020-05: In progress

S2S 2020 "Attribution"
Guillaume/Allan 2020-03 to move forward on proposal / scope out fundraising structure

#2020-05: In progress

S2S 2020 Finance
Guillaume 2020-05-06 to send out proposal for sysadmin one week after the email on hiring framework goes out for membership consultation, highlighting that it is something the sysadmins have asked for Meeting S2S 2020 "Hiring"
Guillaume 2020-03 to ping MWG/self-ping about status on membership prerequisites and transparency

#2020-06: In progress

S2S 2020 "Taking stock of governance and identifying areas for improvement. Section: Enforcement of policies etc"
Guillaume (Taken up 2020-02. Previously: Board) 2019-07 Updated to decide on next steps regarding an email service for OSMF.

#2020-02: An added difficulty is the documents hosted by Working Groups on Google drive.

#2020-05: Received access to Google console. Using Email, Drive, Calendar. Asked Google for complete export.

email FOSS policy
Guillaume 2020-05-21 to relay the feedback we received from our pro-bono lawyer about the draft LC agreement to OSM US Meeting Local Chapters
Guillaume 2020-05-21 Done to contact the CWG and enquire whether they are ok with OSMF opening a DeepL account, and give access to weeklyOSM, to CWG and to any other Working Group who asks.'

#2020-06: Done

Meeting Microgrants
Joost 2020-06-11 chat Done to post on osmf-talk about one of the Microgrant observers report.

#2020-06: Done

Board chat Microgrants
Joost and Rory 2020-05-06 Updated to come up at next board meeting with recommendation for microgrants committee regarding how open their meetings should be.

#2020-05: Joost emailed the board that he would open a call for observers unless someone objected. No one did. This item will be removed as no longer relevant.

Meeting Microgrants
Joost 2020-05-11 to process the OpenStreetMap United States Local Chapter application, after finalisation of the updated LC agreement.

#2020-05: On hold till finalisation of the updated LC agreement.

email Local Chapters
Joost/Heather 2019-10-16 to work on a running document regarding Facebook attribution.

#2020-05: On hold till the update of the attribution guidelines

Meeting Facebook
Joost 2018-12-28 to process the OpenStreetMap Uganda Local Chapter application

#2020-05: No news.

email Local Chapters
Joost 2019-07-23 Updated to process the FreeMap Slovakia Local Chapter application.

#2020-05: Almost ready for final review by board and local community/membership

email Local Chapters
Joost 2019-08-23 Updated to process the OSGeo Oceania Local Chapter application.

#2020-05: Rory done an extended local consultation. Will probably move to board and local community/membership consultation soon.

email Local Chapters
Joost 2019-09-19 Updated to process the OpenStreetMap RDC Local Chapter application.

#2020-05: They need to do some things first. It's in their backlog.

email Local Chapters
Joost 2020-01-20 Updated to process the Free Libre Open Source Software Kosova Local Chapter application.

#2020-05: New process, draft application available on the OSM wiki for community feedback.

email Local Chapters
Joost 2020-03 Updated to ask LCC WG for timeline on their outreach

#2020-05: Most of data collected. They will send the summaries to board soon and will also prepare anonymised versions of answers, to be sent to the board as well. Blogposts might be published on topics that consistently came up.

S2S 2020 LCCWG - "Taking stock of governance and identifying areas for improvement. Section: Better understanding and community disposition on board"
Joost (Taken up 2020-02) 2019-07 Updated to follow up on the OpenStreetCam domain

#2020-05: They will give us the new name before announcing and they are doing some brainstorming.

email LWG
Joost (Taken up 2020-02) 2019-06 to decide on next steps regarding the request from a contributor to notify Facebook and remove their rights under ODbL if the violation is not fixed after 30 days of notice, as written on ODbL.

# Related talk@ discussion #2019-10: The decision seems to be to work on a running document (questions/opportunities/decisions to be made) and contact Facebook afterwards with a list of questions.

email LWG
Joost 2020-05-21 Done to create a circular about approval of the active contributor membership program.

#2020-06: Done.

Meeting MWG
Heather 2018-12-20 to draft email to start off discussion on the osmf-talk mailing list about developing guidance for our involvement in politics/activism.

# Was Peter's. Assigned to Heather on 2018-12-20.

meeting Activism
Kate 2019-05-18 to write Administrative Assistant's job description.

# Possibly completed.

F2F 2019 Admin. Assistant
Kate 2018-12-20 to write to the Data Working Group to see if there's anything further the board can do to support them meeting DWG
Kate 2018-02-15 to follow up with Grant about the technical workaround of having conference announcement banners on linked to landing pages on the website. meeting OWG
Kate 2018-01-18 to update the etiquette and add a reporting plan meeting Communication
Mikel 2020-05-06 Updated to set-up call of board members with Facebook people

#2020-05: Suggesting a call not just on attribution but on all sort of topics that came up with Facebook.

Meeting Attribution
Mikel 2020-03 to share key points of discussion on trust and safety for community and get feedback from Diversity and Inclusion Special Committee and ask for next steps and recommendations S2S 2020 "Taking stock of governance and identifying areas for improvement. Section: Trust and safety for community."
Mikel with help of Allan, Joost, Tobias 2020-03
  • Scope out possible scenarios for possible paid staff, including risks
  • Personnel committee:
    • structured way of working with Dorothea
    • Concern about confidentiality /HR issues
    • Scoping out boundaries on committee, safety measures, how to mitigate effects on volunteers, e.g. de-motivation
S2S 2020 "Hiring"
Mikel 2020-01-30 to draft proposed changes to board rules of order and go back to the board

#2020-05: In progress.

meeting Rules of order
Mikel (Taken up 2020-02) (was: Frederik/Heather) 2019-05-18 Updated to complete and share job description for someone to prepare a pull request for acceptance against the current “openstreetmap-website” code that will implement these changes (related blogpost).

#2020-02: Mikel plans to circulate to people in Ruby community.

#2020-05: Talked with one recommended developer with Rail experience, not familiar with OSM.

F2F 2019 GDPR
Mikel/Joost 2019-05-18 to document working group practices, draft WG “rules of order"

#2020-02: Mikel has some suggestions for draft board Rules of Order changes that he will circulate when ready.

F2F 2019 WGs
Paul 2020-03 Updated to share key points of discussion on trust and safety for community and get feedback from DWG, mailing list moderators,

#2020-05: Completed - Paul to double check as first email might have not been sent correctly.

S2S 2020 "Taking stock of governance and identifying areas for improvement. Section: Trust and safety for community"
Paul 2018-04-19 Updated to document the evaluation process of software and services used by the OSMF

#2020-05: Help on this welcome.

Meeting FOSS policy
Rory 2020-03 to announce and then do gentle, friendly, first warnings, formal reminders noting exceptions and suggesting alternative actions (Ideally include “escalation path” guidelines and learn from Guillaume’s efforts). S2S 2020 "Taking stock of governance and identifying areas for improvement. Section: Enforcement of policies etc"
Rory 2020-06-11 board chat Done Rory to draft a reply to Michael's email about "Cesium OSM Buildings" and circulate it to the board.

#2020-06: Done.

Board chat 2020/Res 29 "Grant Cesium permission to use our trademark in their product “Cesium OSM Buildings“"
Rory & Tobias 2020-05-21 Done to check with our Corporate Counsel whether the fee can be waived for normal memberships.

#2020-06: Done.

Meeting MWG
Paul and Guillaume 2020-05-06 to schedule a board session to go through the community's objections on the LWG proposed attribution guidelines and come up with new language.

#2020-05: In progress. Aiming to have the updated text ready at/before the next board meeting. Input used from all consultations (including SotM2019 and SotM-US 2019), not just mailing lists.

Meeting Attribution
Tobias 2020-05-06 to create first draft on hiring policy that the board will comment on

#2020-05: In progress.

Meeting S2S 2020 "Hiring"
Tobias 2020-03 Updated to keep the takeover/AoA change topic moving

#2020-05: 3 related topics added to the 2020-05 agenda.

S2S 2020 "Taking stock of governance and identifying areas for improvement. Section: Enforcement of policies etc"
Tobias 2020-05-21 Done to create a circular resolution on licensing the "standard" style tiles on ODbL 1.0 "Produced Work" terms

#2020-06: Done.

Meeting LWG