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The list is sortable and might contain items that did not arise from board meetings. Incomplete.

  • Items in bold are new (arose during ~ past month).
  • Status column - "updated": Item had an update during past month (board meeting or board chat), other than "in progress".
Name Date Status Action item and status Source Related to
Board Set on 2021-01 for 2022-01 future agenda item to evaluate Software Dispute Resolution Panel and appoint or reappoint members with expiring terms Board OSM wiki: Software dispute resolution panel
Board 2021-04 to make sure to investigate the issue of requiring voters to be "free to vote", and to consider if there should be a change to the Articles of Association, as instructed by the membership (2020 General Meeting resolution - vote 4). Takeover protection
Board (was Allan) 2021-02, 2020-10 Done to look at the strategic plan document and provide comments. Deadline: mid-March chat.

Was: Allan to circulate outline to rest of board members regarding strategic plan and drive forward the topic (which would then serve fundraising asks in 2021) # 2020-Dec: Draft circulated.

S2S 2020 OSMF fundraising and Wrap-up session
Allan 2021-05 New and done to make a call for volunteers to form a special committee to look at take-over protection. Meeting Takeover protection
Allan 2021-05-14 to create a list of requirements for creating an OSMF subsidiary e.g. 1) contributor term contracts must survive the transition, 2) not necessary to have a director in that country. Meeting Moving OSMF out of the UK
Guillaume 2021-06-11 (board chat) New and done to circulate the draft "Requirements for an OSMF outside of the UK" to osmf-talk together with the reasoning. Meeting Moving OSMF out of the UK
Guillaume 2021-05 New to ask our pro-bono lawyer for recommendations of people specialising in mergers and acquisitions. Meeting Take-over protection
Guillaume with Jean-Marc, Eugene and Amanda 2021-04-30 Done by Amanda to remove all mentions of Wise/TransferWise from the OSMF website and the OSM wiki. Meeting Financial
Guillaume 2020-10 and 2021-03-26 to send an updated version of the budget spreadsheet/specific tabs to Dorothea for publishing. screen-to-screen 2020-10 2021 budget
Guillaume 2020-10 to ask Working Groups (WGs) if they want to update their [budget] numbers. screen-to-screen 2020-10 2021 budget
Guillaume with help of Allan/Gunner (screen-to-screen facilitator)/Communication Working Group (CWG) 2020-10 to announce ahead of time that we're going to look at a budget. S2S 2020 2021 budget
Guillaume with Michelle (OSMF accountant) 2020-10 to consider breaking up State of the Map [numbers] by year. screen-to-screen 2020-10 2021 budget
Guillaume with Amanda 2020-10 to work on writing the goals of a "supporting" membership to send to OSMF pro-bono lawyer for feedback.
# Lawyer is sick.
screen-to-screen 2020-10 Articles of association
Guillaume with Mikel 2020-10 to work on plan on how the money will be collected.

# 2020-11 In progress.
# 2020-12 Done but decision to keep open for administration.

screen-to-screen 2020-10 OSMF fundraising
Guillaume/Allan 2020-03 to move forward on proposal / scope out fundraising structure.

#2020-05 In progress.

S2S 2020 Finance
Guillaume 2020-08-27 to have a call with a relocation lawyer and come back to the board with a proposal / circular resolution. Meeting
Guillaume 2020-08-27 to check on what a move to the EU would mean for contributor terms. Meeting
Guillaume 2020-03 Done - Will ping again to ping MWG/self-ping about status on membership prerequisites and transparency.

#2020 Jun, Jul: In progress.

#2020-Aug: In touch with John Goldberg (CiviCRM consultant).

screen-to-screen 2020-10 "Taking stock of governance and identifying areas for improvement. Section: Enforcement of policies etc"
Guillaume (Taken up 2020-02. Previously: Board) 2019-07 to decide on next steps regarding an email service for OSMF.

#2020-02: An added difficulty is the documents hosted by Working Groups on Google drive.
#2020-05: Received access to Google console. Using Email, Drive, Calendar. Asked Google for complete export.
#2020-06-25: See "reportage".
#2020-07: no action reported.

email FOSS policy
Jean-Marc 2021-06-11 (board chat) New to email MapUganda regarding their Local Chapter application. Meeting Local Chapters
Jean-Marc 2021-06-11 (board chat) New and done to publish the call for applications to maintain and develop iD, including the job description. Meeting Moving OSMF out of the UK
Jean-Marc 2021-05-14 to start recruitment for an iD developer. Meeting iD
Jean-Marc 2021-05-14 to work on a formal job description for the senior site reliability engineer position during the next 2 weeks, so that it gets voted at the next board meeting. Meeting Hiring a Senior site reliability engineer.
Jean-Marc (was: Mikel with help of Allan, Joost, Tobias) 2020-03
  • Scope out possible scenarios for possible paid staff, including risks
  • Personnel committee:
    • structured way of working with Dorothea.
    • Concern about confidentiality /HR issues.
    • Scoping out boundaries on committee, safety measures, how to mitigate effects on volunteers, e.g. de-motivation.

# 2020-09 Draft Personnel Committee charter.
# 2020-09 Personnel commitee.
# 2020-10 on agenda.

S2S 2020 "Hiring"
Joost 2020-08-27 to draft a proposal regarding further reform of the membership.
# 2021-02-12 one part done.
Meeting Membership
Mikel 2021-05-14 Done to organise a meeting with developers working on forks of iD. Meeting iD
Mikel 2020-10 to write draft about Operations Working Group (OWG) and work with Paul.
#2020-10 Drafted questions, Ian Dees is helping with Fastly (commercial content delivery network that OSMF has recently started to use). Will draft blogpost, share with Paul and then talk to CWG.

#2020-11 Asked to join CWG to work on it.

S2S 2020 Improving member and volunteer recruiting
Mikel 2020-10 to extend "donate time" project to companies. S2S 2020 Improving member and volunteer recruiting
Mikel with help of Amanda and Allan 2020-10 to revitalise the Diversity and Inclusion Special Committee. S2S 2020 Wrap-up session
Mikel (Taken up 2020-02) (was: Frederik/Heather) 2019-05-18 to complete and share job description for someone to prepare a pull request for acceptance against the current “openstreetmap-website” code that will implement these changes (related blogpost).

#2020-02: Mikel plans to circulate to people in Ruby community.

#2020-05: Talked with one recommended developer with Rail experience, not familiar with OSM.

#2020-06-25: Will start fresh.

#2020-07-30: Guillaume spoke with someone who was vaguely interested.

F2F 2019 GDPR
Mikel/Joost 2019-05-18 to document Working Group practices, draft Working Group “rules of order".

#2020-02: Mikel has some suggestions for draft board Rules of Order changes that he will circulate when ready.

F2F 2019

Amanda 2021-03-26 to add "Interim update from the LCCWG subcommittee" to the public board meeting agenda every two months. Meeting Moderation subcommittee
Amanda 2021-03 Upgrade all Local Chapters to current Local Chapter agreement

# 2021-05 In progress

Local Chapters
Amanda 2020-03 HOT trademark grant

# 2021-05 In progress

Tobias 2020-10 Email the Licensing Working Group (LWG) regarding the tile licence attribution and rewrite specific part of copyright statement.

# email sent in 2020-12, LWG said it is blocked by the attribution guidelines.
# issue raised again in 2021-06

S2S 2020 Make progress on attribution guidelines and enforcement
Tobias 2021-06 New and done Email the Licensing Working Group (LWG) regarding the tile licence attribution and rewrite specific part of copyright statement.

# email sent in 2021-06

Meeting Attribution guidelines