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The list is sortable and might contain items that did not arise from board meetings. Incomplete.

  • Items in bold are new (arose during ~ past month).
  • Status column - "updated": Item had an update during past month (board meeting or board chat), other than "in progress".
Name Date Status Action item and updates Source Related to
Board Set on 2021-01 for 2022-01 Updated to evaluate the Software dispute resolution panel for iD and appoint or reappoint members with expiring terms. #2022-01 On the 2022-01 agenda. Board Software dispute resolution panel
Board 2021-12-11 New to choose a new board member with legal responsibility and in charge of EU relations for the EU transparency register. Action item after 2021 board election EU transparency register
Board 2021-10-29 Done to ask the Microgrants committee to work on formulating a refined proposal for the next round based on community feedback. In the meantime the board will work on budgeting and fundraising. Meeting Microgrants
Board 2021-04 to make sure to investigate the issue of requiring voters to be "free to vote", and to consider if there should be a change to the Articles of Association, as instructed by the membership (2020 General Meeting resolution - vote 4).
# 2021-07 The board appointed Andy Allan and Michael Collinson to the special committee on takeover protection.
Takeover protection
Board 2021-08-13 (board chat) to email the documents requested by St John's Innovation centre to Dorothea.

2021-11-26 Guillaume called St. John's Innovation centre but couldn't get hold of them.

mid-month board chat OSMF's registered office
Board 2021-08-13 (board chat) Superceded. To be removed. to look at the spreadsheet with the overview of recent correspondence to board related to move to the EU and update it if they have replied to someone but have not copied the response to the Gitlab ticket.

# 2021-11 Jean-Marc is looking at the correspondence received.

mid-month board chat OSMF relocation
Board (was: Mikel with help of Amanda and Allan. Change of ownership on 2021-11-26). 2020-10 On-hold to revitalise the Diversity and Inclusion Special Committee.
(2021-10-29 decision to put this item on hold.
# 2021-11-26 Mikel asked for his name to be removed and the issue to go back to the whole board.
S2S 2020 Wrap-up session
Amanda 2021-10-15 (board chat) to ask our pro-bono lawyer about any restrictions for minors becoming OSMF members.
#2021-10-29 Lawyer is sick.
Mid-month board chat Becoming an OSMF member
Amanda 2021-09-10 (board chat) to write up the investigation done so far. mid-month board chat
Amanda 2020-03 HOT trademark grant
HOT trademark grant
# 2021-08 In progress
Amanda 2021-03-26 to add "Interim update from the LCCWG subcommittee" to the public board meeting agenda every two months.

# 2021-07 On the agenda.
# 2021-09 On the agenda.
# 2021-11 On the agenda.

Board meeting Moderation subcommittee
Amanda 2021-03 to upgrade all Local Chapters to current Local Chapter agreement.

# 2021-05 In progress
# 2021-08-27 In progress. Projected timeline: if everything goes well, mid-September/early October.

Local Chapters
Guillaume and Mikel 2021-11-26 to come up with an outline of a plan regarding the Fundraising and Budget committee. Board meeting
Guillaume 2021-11-12 (board chat) to sketch a bare-bones budget for 2022 before the November 2021 public meeting. board chat Finances
Guillaume 2021-11-12 (board chat) to give a full treasurer's report in November public meeting: money and projection for 2022. board chat Finances
Guillaume 2021-10-29 Done to respond to the questions sent by the Operations Working Group (OWG). Email Operations
Guillaume 2021-10-29 to suggest to the Microgrants committee to have microgrants throughout the year instead of doing rounds. Meeting Microgrants
Guillaume 2021-05 to ask our pro-bono lawyer for recommendations of people specialising in mergers and acquisitions. Board meeting Take-over protection
Guillaume 2020-10 and 2021-03-26 to send an updated version of the budget spreadsheet/specific tabs to Dorothea for publishing. screen-to-screen 2020-10 2021 budget
Guillaume 2020-10 to ask Working Groups (WGs) if they want to update their [budget] numbers. screen-to-screen 2020-10 2021 budget
Guillaume with help of Allan/Gunner/CWG

Gunner has been a facilitator for some of the board annual meetings.

2020-10 to announce ahead of time that we're going to look at a budget. S2S 2020 2021 budget
Guillaume with Michelle (OSMF accountant) 2020-10 to consider breaking up State of the Map [numbers] by year. screen-to-screen 2020-10 2021 budget
Guillaume with Amanda 2020-10 to work on writing the goals of a "supporting" membership to send to OSMF pro-bono lawyer for feedback.
# Lawyer is sick.
screen-to-screen 2020-10 Articles of association
Guillaume (with Jean-Marc, added on 2021-11-12) 2020-08-27 and restated on 2021-11-12 to have a call with a relocation lawyer and come back to the board with a proposal / circular resolution. Will also ask if it is possible to transfer the Contributor terms. Board meeting and board chat OSMF relocation
Guillaume 2020-08-27 to check on what a move to the EU would mean for contributor terms. Board meeting OSMF relocation
Guillaume (Taken up 2020-02. Previously: Board) 2019-07 to decide on next steps regarding an email service for OSMF.

#2020-02: An added difficulty is the documents hosted by Working Groups on Google drive.
#2020-05: Received access to Google console. Using Email, Drive, Calendar. Asked Google for complete export.
#2020-06-25: See "reportage".
#2020-07: no action reported.
#2021-10-29: OWG will pay Google for the time being.

email FOSS policy
Jean-Marc with Mikel 2021-11-12 (board chat) to draft a short reply to MapUganda. board chat Local Chapter application
Jean-Marc and Amanda 2021-10-15 (board chat) On-hold to draft a proposal for a second microgrants round, including parameters (amount of money, source of funds, and selected recommendations from the final report (.odt, 29 KB) by the microgrants committee) to be voted during the October board meeting. # Note: Previous microgrants framework

#2021-10-29 decision to put a second round of Microgrants on hold.

Mid-month board chat Microgrants
Jean-Marc 2021-10-15 (board chat) to provide during the October board meeting a list of countries that have responded to us with information which is worth examining, our realistic options and to start looking at whether the new board will want to move in 2022 out of the UK.
# 2021-10-29 on the board meeting agenda: Analysis of options for OSMF relocation.
# 2021-11-12 Discussed during November board chat.
Mid-month board chat OSMF relocation
Jean-Marc 2021-09 to seek feedback from the Local Chapters and Communities Working Group (LCCWG) regarding formalisation/clarification on commercial activities of Local Chapters (LCs) (what is tolerated/expected/not welcome) and board expectations. Some issues already discussed in the working group. Board meeting Local Chapters
Joost 2020-08-27 to draft a proposal regarding further reform of the membership.
# 2021-02-12 one part done.
Board meeting Membership
Mikel 2021-10-29 to reach out to major donors and find out their preferred cycles to request donations and communicate with Guillaume. Meeting Fundraising
Mikel with Guillaume 2021-10-15 (board chat) Done to set-up a meeting of Senior Site Reliability Engineer with TimelessTime, that Guillaume can join.

# 2021-11 Work with Guillaume. There is now a draft contract and employee handbook. Some questions remain (i.e. regarding holidays).

Mid-month board chat Hiring a Senior Site Reliability Engineer
Mikel (taken up 2021-08-27. Was: Guillaume/Allan) 2020-03 to move forward on proposal / scope out fundraising structure.

#2020-05 In progress.

S2S 2020 Finance
Mikel 2021-07-30 to put something specific in writing regarding the maintenance of the OSM website. board meeting
Mikel 2021-08-13 (board chat) To be removed (2021-10-29 decision) to draft an outline of what we would ask QGIS for, questions for the Operations Working Group and suggest the approach that the board recommends.<br>

# 2021-08-27 no progress.

mid-month board chat Tile usage by QGIS
Mikel 2020-10 to write draft about Operations Working Group (OWG) and work with Paul.
#2020-10 Drafted questions, Ian Dees is helping with Fastly (commercial content delivery network that OSMF has recently started to use). Will draft blogpost, share with Paul and then talk to CWG.

# 2020-11 Asked to join CWG to work on it.
# 2021-06: Timing a bit strange due to recent Fastly outage. They did a good work on recovery and transparency about the issue.

S2S 2020 Improving member and volunteer recruiting
Mikel (Taken up 2020-02) (was: Frederik/Heather) 2019-05-18 to complete and share job description for someone to prepare a pull request for acceptance against the current “openstreetmap-website” code that will implement these changes (related blogpost).

#2020-02: Mikel plans to circulate to people in Ruby community.

#2020-05: Talked with one recommended developer with Rail experience, not familiar with OSM.

#2020-06-25: Will start fresh.

#2020-07-30: Guillaume spoke with someone who was vaguely interested.

F2F 2019 GDPR
Mikel/Joost 2019-05-18 to document Working Group practices, draft Working Group “rules of order".

# 2020-02: Mikel has some suggestions for draft board Rules of Order changes that he will circulate when ready.

F2F 2019
Tobias 2021-11-12 (board chat) to email the Data Working Group (DWG) and get their opinion on what policy they would recommend regarding tools/services which allow editing without an individual OSM account. board chat Editing OSM without an account
Tobias (was: Guillaume's. Taken over on 2021-11-26) 2021-09 to contact the second iD candidate, who was not selected, regarding his application outcome. Board meeting Hiring an iD developer