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Agenda for the

OSMF Board Meeting

Location: Mumble Conference, 8 November 2014 21:00 UTC


Board members



Previous minutes


Circular Resolutions

Circular Resolution 2014/09 - Reactivation of Simon's OSMF google account - was accepted on 18 November with ultimately 5 votes in favour. The text of the resolution is:

To facilitate the handover of ongoing business, the board permits Simon Poole to reactivate his OSMF Google account until the handover is complete.

Circular Resolution 2014/10 - GM notice - was accepted on 22 November with ultimately 4 votes in favour The text of the resolution is

The attached notice be sent, subject to final confirmation on time from Andy Robinson.

Note: Attached notice was

Previous action items

2014-11-20: Henk to draw up timeframe for devolving membership management to a working group
2014-11-20: Kate to talk to lawyer about upcoming meeting.
2014-11-20: Frederik to talk to Andy Robinson about meeting
2014-11-20: Paul to create meeting agenda

Planning arising out of special GM

F2F planning

Management Team and OSMF operations structure

preference to do it on mailing list.

Chairman Emeritus role

postpone - perhaps next meeting if required

Any Other Business

Meeting End

Next meeting

to be discussed on list/Doodle.