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OSMF Board Meeting

Location: Mumble, Monday 15 June 2015, 7:00 PM UTC


Board members

  • Kate Chapman (chair)
  • Paul Norman (minutes)
  • Frederik Ramm
  • Henk Hoff
  • Kathleen Danielson
  • Dermot McNally


Not Present

  • Oliver Kühn


Previous minutes


Circular Resolutions

None passed since last meeting.

Previous action items

2015-02-16: Kathleen to let the SOTM-WG know we're defining the vision of SOTM for the OSMF (Done)
2015-02-16: Kathleen to report back our SOTM discussion in a way that captures the nuance of what was covered and allows for continued conversation (Done)
2015-02-16: Henk to find board members to peruse each 2015 goal
2015-04-03: Kate to follow up on non-public matter. (Done)
2015-04-03: Kathleen to draft advisory board proposal
2015-05-09: Henk to have plan by next meeting for moving forwards and any costs for customizing CiviCRM
2015-05-09: Kate to set up Loomio (Done)

Advisory board

Kathleen to work with Kate to have something for next meeting

CiviCRM for Membership

Dave Corley has left the membership WG, formerly chair Henk spoke to Jonathan Harley at sotm-us, he was going to resume work Dave updated planning spreadsheet (link?)

SOTM US signups

Estimated 50 signups Henk to talk to Martijn about coordinating and drafting a joint email.

See if SOTM US organizers are sending a follow-up email and if we could have something in that about joining OSMF. Probably open to it. Henk to coordinate.


Board rules of order require that gifts or reimbursement of expenses by third parties appear in the minutes and are listed in quarterly financials.

OSMF Board members attended a private event at State of the Map US with US conference sponsors, and some of the US board and HOT board. This was probably under the policy limit, but is disclosed in the interests of transparency

Publicly recording board member votes

Many members are requesting that board votes have how members voted recorded for publicly minuted items.

Survey of other open data/geospatial organization practices

Changing this would mean changing the rules of order.

Proposed change: Change "If votes are taken, the minutes will contain a tally of votes." to "If votes are taken, the minutes will contain the board member votes."

Board observers

This item is deferred from previous meetings, and requested by members.

People would like to either observe public portions of our meetings or listen later.

There are no technical barriers to either option.

This would not be expected to increase secretary workload.

Hiring paid admin help

What are the next steps? F2F consensus was to start small, look for someone working between 8 and 16 hours a week from home, taking on small tasks at first. Gunner had recommended strong involvement of osmf-talk.

Suggestion from Frederik:

Set a job description and remuneration now and declare the whole thing a "6 month pilot scheme" after which we'll review whether it has helped or not. The temporary nature will help to defuse criticism. Then agree (within board) on the process we will use to select a candidate and whom they will be reporting to. Then start spreading the offer in OSM and look for a suitable person.

AGM 2015

We need to decide when and how to hold our next AGM.

At the next election there shall be at least two retirees, one of whom is Henk and the other is one of Oliver, Dermot, or Kate. (AoA 33-34). Absent one of these three deciding to retire, it shall be randomly selected.

Additional board members may decide to retire.

Suggestion of an online-based AGM in Autumn.

Corporate membership fee changes

s24 of the AoAs requires that any membership fee changes be approved by a general meeting.

Term limit for board members


Next meeting

Meeting End