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==AGM planning==
==AGM planning==
(to be added)
==Closed portion of meeting==
==Closed portion of meeting==

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DRAFT Agenda
Location: Mumble, 2016-11-18, 1800 London time


Board members

  • Peter Barth
  • Kate Chapman
  • Frederik Ramm
  • Martijn van Exel
  • Ilya Zverev


Open to all members

Not Present

  • Mikel Maron
  • Paul Norman


Previous minutes

Circular Resolutions

Previous action items

2016-05-28: Paul to put out call for EWG volunteers
2016-05-28: Martijn to find someone to work with to distill action items and next steps for diversity objectives
2016-05-28: Mikel to support revitilization of CWG (CWG irc meeting arranged by Peter)
2016-05-28: Martijn/Kate to draft diversity policy
2016-05-28: Ilya to compile a draft of an OSMF monthly newsletter from WG & board minutes
2016-08-19: Mikel to review his notes for an agenda/list of topics for the last F2F
2016-08-19: Mikel to put LC discussion notes on the board wiki
2016-05-28: Frederik/Paul to prepare transparency doc from transparency session
2016-08-19: Mikel to send round bullet points on diversity policy proposal
2016-08-19: Ilya to look at implementing means for members to view the membership register
2016-09-16: AOB: Announce Dorothea
2016-09-25: Martijn to talk to Grant about doing recurrent donations during membership sign-up and/or renewal
2016-09-25: Martijn to notify board when US has done policy on smaller grants
2016-09-25: Mikel to find diversity text
2016-09-25: Dorothea to notify existing corporate members using CiviCRM regarding the new corporate membership scheme (Done)
(2016-10 via mail): Martijn to answer by e-mail questions about the donation drive, to be published in the OpenCage blog (Done)
2016-10-28: Peter to create a page on the wiki, listing software products which are used by OSMF and aren't open-source
2016-10-28: Paul to send formal notice about AGM via CiviCRM (Done)
2016-10-28: Paul to coordinate with Frederik about who will step down or rerun for board (Done)
2016-10-28: Kate to send mail to board list and mention that if anyone else wants to step down, to say so before the AGM announcement (Done)
2016-10-28: Kate to talk to Dermot about whether he can help with the election process (Done)
2016-10-28: Martijn to publish post about the new corporate membership scheme on the Foundation wiki and other places (Done)
2016-10-28: Dorothea to add the outcome of the vote in the previous F2F minutes (Done)
2016-10-28: Frederik to coordinate with Natalie regarding Mapbox matching donations (Done)
2016-10-28: Frederik to make the announcement about Mapbox matching donations (Done)
2016-10-28: Peter to add donation drive banner to OSMF wiki page (Done)
2016-10-28: Peter to ask HOT (Tyler) about adding OSM donation drive banner (won't be pursued as HOT will start soon their own donation drive)
2016-10-28: Kate to introduce Dorothea to the WGs

Donation campaign

Discussion on the progress of the donation campaign. The Mapbox announcement on matching donations didn't get as much attention as hoped and around €8,000 coming from non-Mapbox matched donations seem to be necessary to reach the €70,000 goal. The progress of the donation drive will be reassessed around the end of November, in order to decide the point at which the donation drive will close. Preferably, it will be done in time for announcing the results at the Annual Genenal Meeting (2016-12-10). During the discussion it was mentioned that Mapbox will upgrade to the Gold tier of the new Corporate Membership program, once their current membership period comes to end. Additionally, another company expressed interest in supporting OSMF with a Gold Corporate Membership. The name of the company was not mentioned, as the board is still at the initial stages of contact with the company about that issue - it will be disclosed in the future.

AGM planning

(to be added)

Closed portion of meeting

The OSMF board had a closed session portion of the meeting.

Next meeting


Meetings are now recurring, 3rd Friday of each month, 18:00 London time, unless rescheduled.

Meeting End