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DRAFT Agenda
Location: Mumble, Tuesday 2017-03-21, 20:00 London time


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Circular Resolutions

2017/1: Give green light to server purchase

2017/1: Give green light to server purchase
We have informal confirmation that we will ‘100%’ get the previously discussed grant. Given the need for a quick decision ahead of expected rising component costs, do we feel confident to give OWG the go-ahead to make the purchase?
Accepted 2017-03-09 with ultimately 7 votes in favour

Note: The grant is for operations, that is, for new hardware and was discussed in the closed portions of previous board meetings (2017-01-17, 2016-12-16). More will be disclosed when the paperwork is finished.

2017/2: Accept current budget for 2017

2017/2: Accept current budget for 2017
Suggestion is to accept and publish the budget as prepared and sent round in the 2017-03-03 (OSMF board) email.
Accepted 2017-03-14 with ultimately 5 votes in favour

Previous action items

2016-05-28: Martijn to find someone to work with to distill action items and next steps for diversity objectives
2016-05-28: Martijn/Kate to draft diversity policy
2016-05-28: Ilya to compile a draft of an OSMF monthly newsletter from WG & board minutes
2016-08-19: Mikel to review his notes for an agenda/list of topics for the last F2F
2016-08-19: Mikel to put LC discussion notes on the board wiki
2016-05-28: Frederik/Paul to prepare transparency doc from transparency session
2016-08-19: Mikel to send round bullet points on diversity policy proposal
2016-08-19: Ilya to look at implementing means for members to view the membership register
2016-09-25: Martijn to talk to Grant about doing recurrent donations during membership sign-up and/or renewal
2016-09-25: Martijn to notify board when US has done policy on smaller grants
2016-09-25: Mikel to find diversity text
2016-10-28: Peter to create a page on the wiki, listing software products which are used by OSMF and aren't open-source
2016-12-16: Frederik to incorporate discussion points about Advisory board and continue the discussion in the board mailing list
2017-02-21: Paul to separate the SotM net profit discussion items and start the follow-up discussions
2017-02-21: Frederik will start a circular about the 2017 budget (done)

Face-to-Face Meeting

The board will have a face-to-face meeting in May. Discussion about arrangements.
Lead: Mikel

Advisory board

The Advisory Board is an entity separate from the OSMF board of directors, composed of individuals - either nominated by corporate members of the OSMF or invited directly by the OSMF board of directors. Notes from previous discussions: Feb 2017, Jan 2017 and Dec 2016.
Lead: Martijn

Working Group reporting / transparency

Continuation of the discussion that took place during the previous board meeting.
Lead: Mikel

LWG remit and activities documents

The Licensing Working Group has contacted the board about approval or suggestion of changes to updated remit and activities documents. The difference to the old 2013 document, that is still on the website, is mainly that the LWG has split the single documents into a long term stable part and an annual planned activities document that matches what the LWG proposed as a budget.
Lead: Peter

Closed portion of meeting

The OSMF board will have a closed session portion of the meeting.

Admin. Assistant's contract

The OSMF board will have a discussion about the Admin. Assistant's contract, which has recently ended.
Lead: Kate

Next meeting

Tuesday, 2017-04-18 at 20:00 London time

Meetings are recurring on the 3rd Tuesday of each month, at 20:00 London time, unless rescheduled.

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