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Draft Agenda
Location: Mumble, Thursday 2017-09-21, 21:00 London time


Board members

  • Kate Chapman
  • Peter Barth
  • Mikel Maron
  • Paul Norman
  • Frederik Ramm
  • Ilya Zverev
  • Martijn van Exel


  • Melanie Eckle (HOT Board of Directors)
  • Pete Masters (HOT Board of Directors)

Open to all members

Guests are welcome to speak at the end of the meeting on the topics that have been discussed. Please note that text messages sent on Mumble chat may not be seen by people who join using mobile apps.

Not Present


Previous minutes

Circular Resolutions

Previous action items

2017-08-24: Kate to write to the Advisory Board list about microgrants
2017-08-24: Mikel to send email on the list to find businesses who would like to offer input on the Welcome Mat
2017-08-24: Frederik to follow up with Martijn regarding the German Local Chapter application (done)
2017-08-24: Kate to contact Michael about closing inactive mailing lists that she is an admin of
2017-06-20: Martijn to draft message to HOT board about having a seat on the Advisory Board upfront & ask if the current Corporate Membership levels are ok or if they want a discount (update: message arranging a meeting sent)
2017-04-18: Peter to make a list of requirements for email self-hosting and discuss them with the OWG
2017-02-21: Paul to separate the State of the Map (SotM) net profit discussion items and start the follow-up discussions
2016-10-28: Peter to create a page on the wiki, listing software products which are used by OSMF and aren't open-source
2016-09-25: Martijn to notify board when US has done policy on smaller grants (update: draft of policy ready)
2016-08-19: Ilya to look at implementing means for members to view the membership register
2016-08-19: Mikel to send round bullet points on diversity policy proposal
2016-05-28: Frederik/Paul to prepare transparency doc from transparency session
2016-05-28: Martijn/Kate to draft diversity policy
2016-05-28: Martijn to find someone to work with to distil action items and next steps for diversity objectives

Travel policy update

Discussion about updating the current travel policy and possibly having a yearly standing budget for small travel grants, available to mappers and developers who would like to attend an OpenStreetMap event. It has been proposed that the process should be standardised, the budget limited and the amounts claimed -as well as the name of the persons- public.

Updating the travel policy was initially proposed during the Face-to-Face board meeting in May, where it was also discussed whether the policy should cover board members' travel to regional State of the Map (SotM) conferences that have requested board presence - or whether giving the money directly to regional SotMs might be preferable.

The current travel policy automatically covers board members' travel to the international State of the Map conference and essential OSM Foundation duty - everything else needs to be discussed.
Lead: Martijn

Welcome Mat progress

The Welcome Mat will be a guide to organisations and corporations that want to be involved with OpenStreetMap. It will have information to familiarise themselves with the project, the community and especially to learn our expectations and their responsibilities.

Previous discussions: August 2017, July 2017.

The Welcome Mat was proposed during the Face-to-Face board meeting in May. Please note that the name might change.
Lead: Mikel

Membership Drive progress

Members are vital to our project and we welcome all who support our goals to join us. We will run a Membership drive to increase the number of members and -as importantly- to try to increase the representation from all places where people are mapping. Consider joining the Foundation, especially if you belong to an under-represented group.

The following suggestions, received via email, might also be discussed:

  • Auto-renew as an option for OSMF membership
  • Automatic inclusion of 12 months OSMF membership (or membership extension) in SotM event registration
  • Banner at, linking to page that clearly explains OSMF

Previous discussion: August 2017
The Membership Drive was proposed during the Face-to-Face board meeting in May and will be done together with the MWG and the CWG.

Lead: Mikel


Discussion about ways to strengthen the relationship between the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team and OSMF. Suggestions:
  • Inviting HOT to the Advisory Board upfront, formalising our relationship and assuming that it will eventually lead HOT to become a Corporate Member or a thematic Chapter, which would get a seat on the AB anyway.
  • HOT working with the OSMF Communications Working Group on materials to enable mapathon organisers to better tell the OSM story during events.
  • Better communication channels (both social media and board to board communications).

Members of the HOT board have been invited to the meeting.

Previous discussion: June 2017

Written conflict of interest policy

Proposal to have a written conflict of interest policy. Regarding conflict of interest situations, we currently have a board rule of order which dictates that "when a board member would be influenced by a conflict of interest with respect to a decision, they will recuse themselves from voting".
Lead: Frederik

Open source policy updates/issues

Updates/issues related to our Free and Open Source Software Policy, which was devised to guide, but not mandate, software choices for work within the OpenStreetMap Foundation Board, Working Groups, and other OSMF bodies.
Lead: Paul

Any other business

Next meeting

The recurring date and time of the monthly board meetings has changed! Meetings will now take place on the 3rd Thursday of the month, at 21:00 London time, unless rescheduled.

The next monthly board meeting would be on the 19th of October, but it will be rescheduled as several board members will attend SotM-US 2017.

Meeting end