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Draft Page
Location: Mumble, Thursday 2018-03-15 at 21:00 London time


Board members


Open to all OSMF members.

Guests are welcome to speak at the end of the meeting on the topics that have been discussed. Please note that text messages sent on Mumble chat may not be seen by people who join using mobile apps.

Not Present


Previous minutes

Circular Resolutions


Previous action items

The list is sortable and collapsible and items that were assigned to two persons appear twice.

Name Date Action item and status
All 2018-01-25 Update board member biographies on the OSMF wiki
All 2017-11-16 In 2018 send an email to members, months in advance of the Annual General Meeting, encouraging them to discuss and perhaps propose their own resolutions.
Frederik/Paul 2016-05-28 to prepare transparency document from transparency session
Heather 2018-01-25 to talk to Paul and get more details about the board representative on the trademark license subcommittee and then contact the Licensing Working Group, if required.
Ilya 2016-08-19 to look at implementing means for members to view the membership register
# Got key from Tom for accessing the server. Administrative work done, programming not yet.
Kate 2018-01-18 to initiate discussion about 2018 priorities over email.
Kate 2018-01-18 to update the etiquette and add a reporting plan
Kate 2018-01-18 to email F. Davey about Conflict of Interest advice and cc Paul
Kate 2017-08-24 to write to the Advisory Board list about microgrants
Kate 2017-08-24 to contact Michael about closing inactive mailing lists that she is an admin of
Kate/Martijn 2016-05-28 to draft diversity policy
# No progress to report. Low priority.
Martijn 2018-01-25 to review the submitted documents of the OSM Belgium Local Chapter application.
Martijn 2018-01-25 to initiate the local community and membership consultations regarding the OSM Belgium Local Chapter application.
Martijn 2018-01-25 to ask the Working Groups if they would like administrative assistance # Done
Martijn 2018-01-25 to send the thank you email to Pine for the large Bitcoin donation # Done
Martijn 2017-11-16 to create the draft of the microgrants policy, separating it from the attempted combined draft with the updated travel policy
Martijn 2017-10-26 to raise the question to the Advisory Board about whether they would like to have an archive of the AB mailing list.
# Martijn will prepare a brief orientation document for the AB and will ask then.
Martijn 2017-07-18 to look at the process of regular reporting by the Local Chapters to the board and vice versa.
Martijn/Kate 2016-05-28 to draft diversity policy
# No progress to report. Low priority.
Mikel 2018-01-25 Mikel to work on potential updates on the circulars' procedure to vote on.
Mikel 2018-01-25 to go back to the State of the Map Working Group with the board's suggestion to consult and work with local SotM organising teams on the SotM policy. # Done
Mikel 2018-01-18 to make sure the osmf-announce read-only mailing list is restarted - with help from Martijn, Paul & the MWG.
Mikel 2017-08-24 to send email on the list to find businesses that would like to offer input on the Welcome Mat
Mikel 2016-08-19 to send round bullet points on diversity policy proposal
Paul 2017-02-21 to separate the State of the Map (SotM) net profit discussion items and start the follow-up discussions
Paul 2016-10-28 to create a page on the wiki, listing software products which are used by OSMF and are closed-source and/or are externally hosted
# Was Peter's
Paul/Frederik 2016-05-28 to prepare transparency document from transparency session
Peter 2017-04-18 to make a list of requirements for email self-hosting and discuss them with the Operations Working Group

Action item updates

Topics to be added

Next meeting

Meetings now take place on the 3rd Thursday of the month, at 21:00 London time, unless rescheduled.

The next monthly board meeting will be on the 19th of April, at 21:00 London time, unless rescheduled.

Meeting end