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Draft Agenda with some notes
Location: Mumble, Thursday 18th of October, at 21:00 London time


Board members

  • Peter Barth (chaired the meeting)
  • Heather Leson
  • Mikel Maron
  • Paul Norman
  • Frederik Ramm



  • 7 guests.

Open to all OSMF members.

Guests are welcome to speak at the end of the meeting on the topics that have been discussed. Please note that text messages sent on Mumble chat may not be seen by people who join using mobile apps.

Not Present

  • Martijn van Exel (Apologies)
  • Kate Chapman (Apologies)


Previous minutes

Circular Resolutions


Previous action items

The list is sortable and collapsible. New items or updates are in blue.

Name Date Action item and status
All 2018-03-15 to send a reminder about etiquette guidelines on osmf-talk, talk & facebook page.
All 2018-02-15 to clean-up the SotM draft policy document.
All 2017-11-16 to send an email to members, months in advance of the 2018 Annual General Meeting, encouraging them to discuss and perhaps propose their own resolutions.
Frederik 2018-09-20 to update Roland Olbricht, maintainer of the Overpass API (downstream data controller).
Frederik/Paul 2016-05-28 to prepare transparency document from transparency session.
Heather 2018-09-20 to draft an email to the working groups about identifying potential risks and share it with the board.
# Done
Kate 2018-02-15 to follow up with Grant about the technical workaround of having conference announcement banners on linked to landing pages on the website.
Kate 2018-01-18 to update the etiquette and add a reporting plan.
Kate 2017-08-24 to write to the Advisory Board members about microgrants.
# Done
Martijn 2018-06-21 to initiate discussion on the osmf-talk mailing list about refining the Local Chapter criteria.
# Suggested period for discussion: two weeks.
Mikel/Paul 2018-03-15 to look at the ten most active mailing lists and see if people listed as admins are active in the moderator role, what is in place, and how they manage the lists.
# 2018-05-24 Mikel drafted email and both agreed on some modifications.
Mikel 2017-08-24 to send email on the list to find businesses that would like to offer input on the Welcome Mat.
Mikel 2016-08-19 to send round bullet points on diversity policy proposal.
Paul 2018-04-19 to document the evaluation process of software and services used by the OSMF. Related to our FOSS policy.
Paul 2017-02-21 to separate the State of the Map (SotM) net profit discussion items and start the follow-up discussions.
Paul 2016-10-28 to create a page on the wiki, listing software products which are used by OSMF and are closed-source and/or are externally hosted.
# Was Peter's
Peter 2018-09-20 to draft email to start off discussion on the osmf-talk mailing list about developing guidance for our involvement in politics/activism.
Peter 2017-04-18 to make a list of requirements for email self-hosting and discuss them with the Operations Working Group.

Board election / Annual General Meeting

Discussion about revising the board election process and setting the date of the board application and the next General Meeting.

Suggestions (related osmf-talk discussion):

  • AGM: December 15th.
  • Move nomination up from 2 weeks before AGM to 4 weeks before AGM.
  • Questionnaire: Community lists out questions, which are then compiled and presented in an organized way. Candidates submit answers and their manifesto in private to whoever is running the election and then a simultaneous publication of the answers.
  • Session where candidates discuss their views and opinions with each other. Preferably with 1-2 moderators and asynchronous.
  • Changing term limits.
  • Website where questions can be posed.
  • Possibility to give candidates feedback on whether their answers provide insight.

Calendar - dates not fixed yet.

Related board discussion: 2017 Apr (term limits)

AGM date

The 12th Annual General Meeting of the OpenStreetMap Foundation will be held online in the IRC chat room #osmf-gm on the IRC network, at 16:00 UTC on Saturday, 15 December 2018.

Questions on organised editing guidelines

There is an increased interest on OSM from corporations who have employees that edit in their daytime. This might create communication problems between paid and volunteer mappers, or even an imbalance of power. Out of this situation the question arises on how to regulate this to ensure fair play. The DWG has developed a set of organised editing guidelines, after integrating a lot of feedback from the advisory board members, the humanitarian mapping initiatives and the mapping community.


Previous board discussions: 2018 Jan, 2017 Jul, Jun, Apr

Guillaume Rischard (from the Data Working Group) attended this meeting and answered questions about the organised editing guidelines' document, which is a new version of the former draft Directed Editing policy, written after the feedback the DWG got.

GDPR preparation update

Request for proposals

The list of API calls that need changing due to GDPR is here. Some of them have already been done by community members (thanks!). The OSMF will look for person(s) to prepare pull request(s) for acceptance against the current "openstreetmap-website" code that will implement any changes that have not been done yet. A draft request for proposals has been prepared.

GDPR background
The General Data Protection Regulation came into effect May 25, 2018. The necessary steps for GDPR preparation have been discussed during the recent Face-to-Face board meeting (28-29 April). The Licensing Working Group published a set of recommendations, the privacy statement and the Terms of Use.

Related LWG discussions: 2018 Sep, Jul, Jun, May, Apr, Mar, Feb, 2017 Nov, Sep, Jul
Related Board discussions: 2018 Sep, Aug, Jul, Jun, May, Apr, Mar, Feb

Decision: The draft request for proposals will be published on the dev mailing list and on osmf-talk.

Advisory Board - monthly update

The Advisory Board members are separate from the OSMF board of directors - individuals are either nominated by corporate members of the OSMF or invited directly by the OSMF board of directors. The OSMF Board of Directors will publicly minute, in the board meeting minutes, any communication sent to, or received from, the AB members. This monthly section is reserved for this purpose. Overview.

AB related updates and board discussions:
2018 Sep, Aug, Jul, Jun, May, Apr, Mar, Feb, Jan
2017 Oct, May (F2F), Apr, Mar, Feb, Jan

Lead: Martijn

Any other business

Guest comments or questions

Guests are welcome to speak at the end of the meeting on the topics that have been discussed. Please note that text messages sent on Mumble chat may not be seen by people who join using mobile apps.

Next meeting

Meetings take place on the 3rd Thursday of the month, at 21:00 London time, unless rescheduled.

The next monthly board meeting will be on the 15th of November, at 21:00 London time, unless rescheduled.

Meeting end