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Draft page.

Location: Channel "OSMF Board of Directors (Public)" on Mumble.
Date and time: Pending.



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Open to all OSMF members.

Guests are welcome to speak at the end of the meeting on the topics that have been discussed. Please note that text messages sent on Mumble chat may not be seen by people who join using mobile apps.

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2020/Res14 Bond proposal

Background by Treasurer:

We agree that we want to put some cash away, and keep at most £250k, which is Michelle's insurance limit, in cash. The question is where to place the cursor.

Bank bonds have guaranteed returns, and are safer than having

I think it'd be safe to have at least one year of outgoings on our current account, and have the rest squirreled away staggered by three months.

Our outgoings are about £100k per year for regular stuff, and then SOTM you could say we’re another £100k, though as they are mostly geared to ticket sales you don't really need keep all of that to hand

This is just a proposal, which I'm happy to amend based on your comments, and might of course need to be slightly adapted to match currency exchange fees and the reality of what our bank(s) can offer.

  • Keep €100k and £50k in cash
  • Immobilise the rest in one year bonds, staggered to mature at three month intervals
  • When the bonds mature, evaluate the OSMF's cash needs; if they haven't changed, re-invest in bonds right away to keep €100k and £50k in cash.

Not passed 2020-03-12 with 1 vote in favour: Guillaume Rischard
6 not voted: Joost Schouppe, Paul Norman, Mikel Maron, Allan Mustard, Tobias Knerr, Rory McCann.

The proposal was kind of superseded by recent Barclays news (they no longer want to bank with us, so we are searching for a new bank). However the board might want to do something similar after arranging the new bank.

2020/Res15 Face to face meeting

In light of the COVID-19 outbreak, having a face to face meeting in London seems like a bad idea. We will instead try to hold a digital version of this meeting at the same time. We will try to recuperate sunk costs.

  • It is becoming increasingly unlikely that most Board members could make it to the Face2face meeting in London, given the covid-19 crisis
  • We do not know when the situation will improve, so we cannot really reschedule
  • All of us do however have this time scheduled in our agendas, and the meeting is crucial to planning out the year

Voting closes on 2020-03-17

Votes so far:
6 in favour: Joost Schouppe (I originally hoped to still make it myself, but this is out of the question now), Paul Norman, Guillaume Rischard, Tobias Knerr, Mikel Maron, Rory McCann (I am not sure what the exact proposal is. I am still willing to go to London, but I understand not all would be. For those who aren't there, a digitial link up is required, and not terribly difficult to do).
1 not voted: Allan Mustard.

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Advisory Board - monthly update

The Advisory Board members are separate from the OSMF board of directors - individuals are either nominated by Corporate Members of the OSMF or invited directly by the OSMF board of directors. The OSMF Board of Directors will publicly minute, in the board meeting minutes, any communication sent to, or received from, the AB members. This monthly section is reserved for this purpose. Overview.

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Board meetings take place online once a month.
New recurring date and time: On the 3rd or 4th Thursday of the month, at 17:00 UTC.