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Notes by participants. Might be enriched.

This session took place in parallel with "Parallel session: Attribution - Agree on an attribution enforcement strategy". A summary was provided to the other group.


  • Eugene Alvin Villar
  • Jean-Marc Liotier
  • Roland Olbricht

Not Present

  • Mikel Maron

Officers and board

Post-meeting addition of background, links and formatting by Dorothea Kazazi.


Collaborative notes

Local Chapters Template Agreement

  • Jean-Marc: From experiences with local chapters in Mali, Senegal and Cameroon vs. MapUganda, the criterion is for competitors to be capable of cooperating within the local chapter.
    • Proportion of income from donations/grants vs. commercial services
    • Proportion of income redistributed to members (cooperative or shareholder-led corporation)
  • Eugene: Minimum geographical scope (re Windsor-Essex Hackerspace application to represent a small portion of Ontario, Canada).
    • Jean-Marc: favors no territorial exclusivity and thematic chapters; no opinion on size
    • Roland: Prefers only having geographic-based chapters for *Local* chapters; re size no particular preference

Current rule mandates consultation before granting an overlapping territorial chaptership, but no veto for the existing Local Chapter.

Local legal recognition and not-for-profit status: still important, for transparency of governance.

User groups no decision yet.

Action item

  • Jean-Marc Liotier to write up a minimum criteria regarding commercial activities of the applicant organisation: Hackpad, before the March 24 board meeting. Will be supported by Eugene Villar.