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We have a small team of board members of the foundation. Here is a bit about each of them, including declarations of any other directorships and any substantial shareholdings.

Current Board

Steve Coast (Director, Chairman) is the founder of OpenStreetMap. Steve has worked in many heavy lifting computing applications before co-founding a web consultancy firm with Nick Black in 2006. In 2008 this became CloudMade after investment by Sunstone Capital. Steve resigned from CloudMade in October 2010 and currently works at Bing.

Henk Hoff (Director) is an IT consultant with a focus on neogeography. He lives in the Netherlands. Henk discovered OSM in the spring of 2006 and is an active contributor as mapper and speaker. He joined the OSMF board in 2008.

Other Directorships held: GlobePlotter bv

Mikel Maron is a software developer specializing in web mapping and collaborative tech. He’s based in San Francisco, but is not there very much. Mikel started with OpenStreetMap in 2005, is currently serving his third year on the board, and advocates free and open mapping in the developing world. Mikel is currently a co-director of Ground Truth Initiative, which has implemented Map Kibera. He is also President of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team.

Other Directorships held: Ground Truth Initiative LLC, Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (President)
Other substantial holdings: Ground Truth Initiative LLC

Oliver Kühn (Director) is co-founder of skobbler, a company building software solutions based on OpenStreetMap. He has been working in the digital mapping industry for the last 6 years while his expertise is rather on the commercial than the technical side. He joined the OpenStreetMap Foundation in 2009 and has been elected as member of OSMF board in August 2010.

Other Directorships held: skobbler GmbH, Germany
Other positions: None

Richard Fairhurst was voted to the board at the recent AGM elections.

Matt Amos was voted to the board at the recent AGM elections.

Dermot McNally was voted to the board at the recent AGM elections.