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We have a small team of board members of the foundation. Here is a bit about each of them, including declarations of any other directorships and any substantial shareholdings.

Current Board

Kate Chapman began contributing to OSM in 2009. She is a cofounder of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT), a non-governmental organization dedicated to helping support communities, governments and humanitarian responders in their utilization of OpenStreetMap in crisis response and contingency planning. She joined the OpenStreetMap foundation in 2009 and was elected to the OSMF board in September 2013. Kate is employed as the Chief Technology Officer of the Cadasta Foundation and also serves on Cadasta's Board of Directors.

Frederik Ramm is a long-time OSM contributor and coder of editors and utilities, co-author of the first ever OpenStreetMap book, founder and acting director of Geofabrik, and an active participiant on most OSM mailing lists and help forums. He was voted onto the board at the 2012 AGM. He lives in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Other directorships held: Managing Director, Geofabrik GmbH; Member of the Board of Directors, FOSSGIS e.V.

Paul Norman joined the board in 2014. He develops and maintains key parts of rendering software. As well as being a developer he works map styles and cartography and tracking and resolving edits with problems in OpenStreetMap. He works as a freelance software developer, contracting with companies who need open source geospatial expertise.

Mikel Maron is a programmer and geographer working for impactful community and humanitarian uses of open source and open data. He started with OSM in 2005. He was elected to the OSMF Board in 2015, and previously served from 2007-2012. He currently works at Mapbox, leading the Community team. He is co-founder of the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team, of GroundTruth Initiative, and of the Map Kibera project. He’s travelled widely, organizing mapping projects in India, Palestine, Egypt, Swaziland, and elsewhere.

Martijn van Exel is an OpenStreetMap contributor, community organizer and local Chapter leader since 2007. He has served on the OpenStreetMap United States Board of Directors from 2011 to 2017. He also contributes to OpenStreetMap as a mapper and developer. He works for US based Telenav as OSM project lead. He lives in Salt Lake City with his wife.

Peter Barth is an addict, interested in almost everything related to OSM and OpenSource. He joined OpenStreetMap in 2007. Besides mapping and development, he is a regular speaker on conferences and events, works with the Data Working Group, Communication Working Group, the Wochennotiz – the German weekly OSM news – and helps to translate for WeeklyOSM. He's been a member of the OSM Foundation since 2012 and joined the board 2015 with the goal to make the OSMF more transparent and appealing to the general community. Peter lives near Munich with his wife and three kids. He works for Continental, totally unrelated to OpenStreetMap.

Heather Leson is an idea hacker, community builder focused co-creating open organizations. As a technologist, she strengthens community collaboration via humanitarian technologies and social entrepreneurship. She builds partnerships, curates digital spaces, fosters volunteer engagement and delivers training while inspiring systems for co-creation with maps, code and data. She has been an active OSM supporter since 2010, a past-board member of Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (2013-2017), and OSMF member since 2013. She co-wrote a chapter on Open Communities as part of the Open Organization Workbook as well as articles the power of open data and digital literacy for the World Economic Forum and Civicus Datashift. Heather is from Canada and currently lives in Switzerland.

All board members are "directors" in the sense of the UK Companies Act. Even the person we designate "secretary" is not a "secretary" in the sense of the UK Companies Act.