Difference between revisions of "Board Rules of Order"

m (Updated Rules of Order - voted on 2018-06-21. See https://wiki.osmfoundation.org/wiki/Board/Minutes/2018-06-21#Vote_on_changes_to_Board.27s_Rules_of_Order)
(+ New rule of order regarding publishing the meeting agenda. Addition voted and unanimously accepted on 2019-10-16.)
# Board meetings can take place in the form of personal meetings or by voice communication.
# Board meeting participation is restricted to board members, but guests can be invited by a board decision. Board meetings are open to silent observation by OSMF members in good standing.
# The date and agenda of board meetings is announced to the OSMF membership one week in advance. Time-sensitive issues can still be added to the agenda after that deadline.
# Agenda items can be placed in a closed session, prior to the meeting by any Board member. Closed session is not open to observation. A short statement about which and why agenda items are in closed session should be minuted. If there is any objection to placing a meeting in closed session, a vote can be called during that meeting to decide.
# Board meetings are chaired by the chairperson of the board. During discussions of any items in which the chairperson is involved, the task of chairing that section of the meeting will be delegated by the chairperson to another board member.