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IRC log:

21:15 harry-wood: hi Zverik hbogner
21:15 Zverik: harry-wood: hi :)
21:16 hbogner: hi harry-wood
21:16 harry-wood: how's it going? Sorry I was forgetting
21:16 Zverik: harry-wood: we're just remembering things we wanted to do last time and reporting how we has done almost nothing :)
21:16 Zverik: last minutes: http://wiki.osmfoundation.org/wiki/CWG_meeting_2016-02-10
21:16 harry-wood: alright then!
21:17 harry-wood: I was going to look at the mediawiki extension.
21:17 harry-wood: I didn't do that
21:17 harry-wood: But I did set up a est mediawiki install
21:17 Zverik: harry-wood: on a positive note, https://github.com/osmfoundation/cwg should be accessible for you
21:17 hbogner: harry, zverik can migrate tasks&posts to osmfoundation
21:18 Zverik: yes, that's the plan. It turned out we don't need Grant for that
21:18 harry-wood: it is not accessible to me :-(
21:18 harry-wood: 404
21:19 hbogner: login and join
21:19 hbogner: Zverik, did you invite harry?
21:19 hbogner: i had accept the invite
21:19 Zverik: hbogner: yes, it says I did
21:19 harry-wood: Ah I see
21:19 harry-wood: yeah I got it now
21:20 Zverik: I can make the repo public if we agree on that. It's just a click of a button
21:20 hbogner: i see you and mvexel now in the team too
21:20 hbogner: lets keep it private for now
21:20 Zverik: I also invited Wille and Chris
21:21 harry-wood: In some circumstances it might be useful to be a private repo
21:21 harry-wood: but not sure how that weighs against the benefit of being open to everyone
21:22 hbogner: we can prepare posts there :D
21:22 harry-wood: then there was (vague idea again) the idea of making a "osm communicators" as a separate new group which could be more public
21:22 hbogner: and post complete messages from people, for the public repo i deleted the personal info
21:23 harry-wood: So I'd suggest keep it private for now, and think about whether we want a public repo in addition, and what that would be called
21:23 Zverik: harry-wood: I think that's after we gathered a said group
21:24 Zverik: for now, I've yet to send a first email
21:24 harry-wood: yep. little way down the line
21:25 harry-wood: I had a chat with peda again after posting his blog post
21:25 harry-wood: he's involved in the blog.de/weekly osm information gathering pipeline
21:26 harry-wood: And he gave me access to a tool they use for this
21:26 harry-wood: it's a custom written thingy called OSMBC
21:26 Zverik: I heard that group is quite big. And if to add the weekly team, there can be more that 20
21:27 Zverik: ah, https://github.com/TheFive/osmbc
21:29 harry-wood: that's the one. I don't really understand how it works yet. Seems pretty neat though
21:30 Zverik: I doubt the cwg would need to replicate that. Blog.de + Weekly are more than enough
21:30 Zverik: and we don't have as much news to post
21:31 Zverik: so while osmbc is interesting, I guess it's pretty useless for us
21:31 harry-wood: Certainly we don't want to try to launch some highly duplicating effort
21:32 Zverik: were there any events last week that we could write about, but didn't?
21:32 hbogner: not that i know
21:33 harry-wood: I dunno. I'll have to wait until the weekly.osm comes out :-)
21:33 hbogner: he he he
21:33 Zverik: :)
21:34 Zverik: there was a board meeting, on which we decided to have face-to-face meeting in Spring.
21:34 Zverik: there was some hiccup in the replication process, but that got sorted out quickly
21:34 hbogner: we should not report on those hiccups :D
21:35 Zverik: GSoC is a hot topic on the dev@ mailing list, but we had a post already
21:35 harry-wood: steve coast sent an email about an evil plot to change the license
21:35 harry-wood: All sorts of news :-)
21:36 Zverik: also this: https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&tl=en&js=y&prev=_t&hl=en&ie=UTF-8&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.vesti.az%2Fnews%2F282990
21:36 hbogner: uh, yes, something about the licence, but it on my to-read list
21:38 harry-wood: So I suppose writing slightly longer blog posts on these topics would be a thing which is quite different from what the wochenotiz/weeklyOSM team are doing
21:39 harry-wood: Whereas, trying to have a lively @OpenStreetMap twitter account, is pretty similar
21:39 harry-wood: (short texts linking to other blogs/etc on the web)
21:39 Zverik: yes
21:40 Zverik: but since blog.osm.org is considered an official OSMF blog, not sure we can post just anything there.
21:40 harry-wood: I'm yet to understand the translation fits into this OSMBC toolchain
21:41 hbogner: regarding osm-cwg repo/organisation, are we deleting it after transition
21:41 harry-wood: I had thought weekly-osm team were a big bunch of translators (including school kids in language schools recruited by Manfred) and they were purely translating from the wochennotiz
21:41 Zverik: btw, note how osmbc repo owner uses milestones as categories for issues: https://github.com/TheFive/osmbc/issues
21:41 harry-wood: but I think OSMBC is allowing them to work together more closely than that
21:41 Zverik: hbogner: probably, yes. Or just leave it hanging
21:42 hbogner: Zverik, i'm for deleting it after migration
21:43 hbogner: month or so after migration, when we see all is ok
21:44 hbogner: i have to go now
21:44 hbogner: meeting again next week?
21:45 Zverik: right. So, the immediate plan is to move issues and to attract more bloggers to cwg :)
21:45 Zverik: hbogner: yes, the same time
21:45 Zverik: btw, are we doing anything about that almost-spammy mail to press@osmf?
21:46 hbogner: Zverik, for now i try to find real questions and answer them
21:46 hbogner: if they get thru the spam filters :D
21:47 hbogner: whats with the communication@ and communications@ mails? are there two or am i wrong?
21:47 harry-wood: one is an alias of the other
21:48 harry-wood: the correct one is communication@
21:48 hbogner: ok
21:49 Zverik: right, so I guess we are done for today?
21:50 harry-wood: I'm happy to wrap up there. I'll look at that mediawiki plugin soon
21:50 harry-wood: testing this out for Wynndale first: http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/User:Wynndale/language_test
21:51 hbogner: bye
21:51 : hbogner left the room (quit: Quit: Pozdrav).
21:52 Zverik: thanks, see you next week :)
21:52 harry-wood: Bye then