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* Wille Marcel
* Wille Marcel
* [[User:Hbogner|Hrvoje Bogner]]
* [[User:Hbogner|Hrvoje Bogner]]
* Ilya Zverev
* [[User:Zverik|Ilya Zverev]]
== Contact ==
== Contact ==

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One of the foundation Working Groups, the Communication Working Group was formed in 2010.

The Communication Working Group has begun with an initial focus on communication between the OSMF (Board and Working Groups), its members, and the public. The Communication Working Group will create guidelines and frameworks to facilitate appropriate communication between entities like the Board and other working groups, ensuring their activities and achievements are communicated effectively to the rest of the community and wider public.

Other communication channels in and around OpenStreetMap may be in scope of the group’s activities. The group will do some analysis of the different channels, and areas where problems can be seen, e.g. signal-to-noise ratio of community discussions, and possibly develop some ideas for making improvements. However the immediate priority will be Foundation related communication.

Website design, and particularly the OpenStreetMap Front Page design is not in scope. The design mailing list is one possible channel/group for discussing that, but mostly developers congregate on github to discuss iterative improvements.

Who we are


You can get in touch with the whole team at: communication@osmfoundation.org


See Communication Working Group Minutes

This list gives a rough idea of when and how often we have been meeting, and allows you to delve into the details of our discussions. At one stage we managed a meeting almost every week on Mondays, but currently less regular