Communication Working Group

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One of the foundation Working Groups (potentially), the Communication Working Group will have the following functions:

  • Support and maintain the OSM Foundation website
  • Support and maintain communication tools between OSM Foundation members and board
  • Promote communication within the OSM community
  • Improve tools for supporting OSM membership subscriptions and renewals.


  • Michael Collinson (Group Chairman, OSM Board)
  • Mikel Maron (OSM Board)
  • ... others to be added

The team email address will be:

Conference Call Early 2010

We've got a few people interested in a conference call. Other people could add themselves although we don't want vast numbers of people trying to join in the call.

Time differences are as follows (please correct this if it's wrong).

                                                 Example meeting time
Mikel Maron        Nairobi     UTC/GMT +3 hours    10p.m.
Harry Wood         London      UTC/GMT +1 hours    7p.m.
Michael Collinson  Stockholm   UTC/GMT +1 hours    7p.m.
Hurricane McEwen   Denver      UTC/GMT -6 hours    1p.m.
Paul Jarratt       SF          UTC/GMT -7 hours    midday
Moria Byrne        

Harry tried to arrange the conference call in April, but got very few responses. Communication certainly seems to be a bit of a struggle!