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== Long term paid individuals ==
== Long term paid individuals ==
=== Employees ===
=== Employees ===
* 2022-05-01 onwards '''Grant Slater''' - Senior Site Reliability Engineer
* 2022-05-01 onwards '''Grant Slater''' ''([https://github.com/firefishy Github profile])'' - Senior Site Reliability Engineer
=== Individual contractors ===
=== Individual contractors ===

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The OSMF board, Working Groups and the Committees largely consist of volunteers. In some circumstance we also bring on individuals for paid work as employees or contractors for the Foundation, and additionally companies contracted for specific services.

Long term paid individuals


  • 2022-05-01 onwards Grant Slater (Github profile) - Senior Site Reliability Engineer

Individual contractors

Long term

Recurring individual contractors

  • Recurring, Allen Gunn/Aspiration Tech for facilitating some of the annual board face-to-face or screen-to-screen meetings: 2022-02, 2021-02 (Funding decision), 2020-10, 2020-03, 2019-05 (Funding decision), 2015-02, 2014-02

Prior contractors

  • - 2017 Vivien Sheehan - Accountant (retired)

Service contracts

Past contractors

  • 2020-2021 Transferwise - financial services
  • 2020 Chater Allan to prepare our statutory accounts, make the assessment of Corporation Tax and file our accounts with Companies House, Funding decision 2020-04
  • - 2020-06 Barclays Bank
  • 2015-2016 Skrill - financial services (used to retrieve money donated to us through "Flattr").

Short term contracted individuals

Past contractors


The Foundation's microgrants programs also makes funds available for project work. You can find details on the Microgrants program here

Working Groups

Working Groups also arrange for paid work, mainly contracted services

Communications Working Group

  • 2020-05 - now DeepL - machine translation services

Licensing Working Group

Long term contractors

  • Lawdit - Solicitors
  • Clarivate (Compumark) - Trademark watch

Membership Working Group

Past contractors

  • 2021 _ for work on CiviCRM, Funding decision 2021-01
  • 2019-10 - 2020 Mollie, payment processor (Paypal-like service integrated with CiviCRM)


  • This page is a work in progress and contains data from the more recent years.
  • Working Groups can contract people directly. While this page was created initially to list people contracted/hired directly by the board, Working Groups are of course free to enrich it.