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The OSMF board, Working Groups and the Committees traditionally consist of volunteers.

This page lists some of the people/companies paid by OSMF to do work for the Foundation. Please note that:

  • This page is a work in progress and contains data from the more recent years.
  • Working Groups can contract people directly. While this page was created initially to list people contracted/hired directly by the board, Working Groups are of course free to enrich it.

Selected by the Board


None - currently (2021-07) OSMF is in the process of hiring a Senior Site Reliability Engineer (person selected) and an iD maintainer (person not selected yet).

Long term contractors

Past contractors

  • 2020-09 - 2021-04 Quincy Morgan (Github profile) - iD developer, Funding decision 2020-09
  • 2020-2021 Transferwise - financial services
  • - 2020-06 Barclays Bank
  • - 2017 Vivien Sheehan - Accountant (retired)
  • 2015-2016 Skrill - financial services (used to retrieve money donated to us through "Flattr").

Recurring contractors

  • Recurring, Allen Gunn/Aspiration Tech for facilitating some of the annual board face-to-face or screen-to-screen meetings: 2021-02 (Funding decision), 2020-10, 2020-03, 2019-05 (Funding decision), 2015-02, 2014-02
  • Recurring, Opavote (online voting platform): 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014?

Short term contractors

Microgrants 2020-2021 (some in progress)

- Initial funding decision 2020-01: 10 projects max, 50.000 EUR max
- Voting on 12 project proposals and voting on 13th project proposal

  1. David Garcia (OSM wiki profile: mapmakerdavid) - Proposal for work on a free video tutorial for beginners about mapping pacific islands using OSM and QGIS
  2. Free Libre Open Source Software Kosova (OSMF Local Chapter) - Proposal for work on mapping villages and settlements in Kosovo - Report
  3. Libre Tech School - Proposal for work on teaching and learning OSM in Albania through LibreTech School
  4. MapBeks (OSM wiki profile: MapBeks) - Proposal for work on HIV facilities mapping in the Philippines on OpenStreetMap - Report
  5. Map Kibera - Proposal for work on water and sanitation mapping in Nairobi's informal settlements
  6. MapUganda - Proposal for work on mapping Uganda's new cities - Report
  7. Mateusz Konieczny (OSM wiki profile) - Proposal for work on tactile maps for blind or visually impaired children - Report
  8. OpenStreetMap Belgium (OSMF Local Chapter) - Proposal for work on road completion project - Report
  9. OpenStreetMap Ireland (OSMF Local Chapter) - Proposal for work on OSM Ireland Buildings - Report
  10. OpenStreetMap UK (OSMF Local Chapter) - Proposal for work on leaflets to promote OSM - Report
  11. Thomas Skowron (OSM wiki profile:Thomersch) - Proposal for work on OpenStreetMap calendar - Report
  12. Tobias Zwick (OSM wiki profile: Westnordost) - Proposal for work on map maintenance with StreetComplete - Report

Past contractors

More recent on top.

Selected by the Working Groups

by the Communications Working Group

Long term contractors

  • 2020-05 - now DeepL - machine translation services

by the Licensing Working Group

Long term contractors

  • Lawdit - Solicitors
  • Clarivate (Compumark) - Trademark watch

by the Membership Working Group

Past contractors

  • 2021 _ for work on CiviCRM, Funding decision 2021-01
  • 2019-10 - 2020 Mollie, payment processor (Paypal-like service integrated with CiviCRM)