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If that doesn't work or isn't possible please contact the Data Working Group, preferably by email on [mailto:data@openstreetmap.org data@openstreetmap.org.] In the email try and explain the problem, and if you can link to specific examples of it (e.g. "this mapper has changed something incorrectly and the item they have changed is <nowiki>http://www.openstreetmap.org/way/1</nowiki>"). The more examples you can provide of a specific problem, the better. As well as explaining what is wrong try and explain why it is wrong (perhaps "mapper has changed all examples of 'foo' in the database to 'bar', not understanding that 'bar' means something very different to 'foo'). If there has been discussion on a country- or language-specific mailing list or forum please link to that too. Don't worry if it's in a language that isn't directly understood by DWG members; we'll work it out.
== I feel that I have been treated unfairly by DWG ==
In order to handle our workload efficiently, related complaints will often be handled by the same DWG member. DWG members will often discuss the issues with other members informally but formal votes are the rare exception. A DWG member may hand off issues to colleagues if they feel that another pair of eyes would help the situation. But if you - either as the complainant or as the person subject to a block or revert - would like a different DWG member to evaluate the situation, you can tell us and we'll accommodate that request if at all practical.
If you have raised a complaint that way and you are still unhappy with the result, please take a moment to consider what you have been told. By this time at least two, possibly more, DWG members have independently reviewed your case. It is very likely that they will have a point. Consider also whether your issue is of such significance that more OSM volunteers should be spending their time with it! If you believe you have been wronged by DWG, and your matter is of great importance, then you can raise a complaint the the OSMF board of directors, who might try to mediate, or could even overrule a DWG decision.
== Who we are ==