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You don’t need to be subscribed to PayPal to make a one-off donation and you can pay with a credit card or debit card if you wish. You will need to have, or create, an account with PayPal to setup a recurring donation.

PayPal Recurring Donation

A regular monthly donation is the best way to help OpenStreetMap.
Click on one of the following links to start making regular donations via PayPal:

If you would like to donate a different amount on a regular basis please email treasurer at OpenStreetMap dot org to make suitable arrangements.

Single Donation

You can make a one-off donation to the OpenStreetMap Foundation at any time. Use one of the following links to donate via PayPal:

All donations are processed securely via PayPal.

We respect your personal privacy. Your identity will not be disclosed publicly without your consent. However, if you become a member of the foundation the membership list may be disclosed publicly.