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== Donate with a UK Standing Order ==
#REDIRECT [[Donate/International_Bank_Transfers#GBP]]
If you have a UK bank account, a regular monthly donation is the best way to help OpenStreetMap.
You can set up a standing order for any amount (for example, £10 per month) payable to the following account:
* '''Account holder:''' Openstreetmap Foundation
* '''IBAN (to receive GBP from UK only):''' GB42 TRWI 2314 7066 6248 65
* '''Account number:''' 66624865
* '''UK sort code:''' 23-14-70
* '''Bank Address:'''
** TransferWise<br>
** 56 Shoreditch High Street<br>
** London<br>
** E1 6JJ<br>
** United Kingdom<br>
* '''Reference:''' sto
Please note that we only receive the first 15 digits of the reference, so don't put anything important in there!

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