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| [[Working_Group_Minutes/EWG_2014-03-10|10th March 2014]] || || upcoming
| [[Working_Group_Minutes/EWG_2014-03-10|10th March 2014]] || || upcoming
| [[Working_Group_Minutes/EWG_2014-02-24|24th February 2014]] || || ''draft''
| [[Working_Group_Minutes/EWG_2014-02-24|24th February 2014]] || hack weekend, GSoC, dev DB || ''draft''
| [[Working_Group_Minutes/EWG_2014-02-17|17th February 2014]] || GSoC, osm2pgsql || {{Accepted}}
| [[Working_Group_Minutes/EWG_2014-02-17|17th February 2014]] || GSoC, osm2pgsql || {{Accepted}}

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One of the foundation Working Groups, the Engineering Working Group assists and guides the community-driven development of OSM-related source code and tools. It is recognised that there is a steep learning curve and wide set of knowledge required to develop OSM software. The primary aim of this working group is to reduce those barriers by facilitating learning and helping new developers to join and participate in the OpenStreetMap development community.

This includes:

  • Running events that help developers connect with people with ideas (e.g: designers, usability experts).
  • Creating and maintaining resources to lower the barrier to entry into the OSM development community.
  • Guiding the development process by suggesting priorities and setting goals.
  • Providing assistance for Developer Events.

This does not include:

Typical activities

EWG typically acts as a technical forum, and meetings generally cover areas including:

  • Review of patches / PRs and discussion of how to improve them.
  • Improvements to documentation and other technical information.
  • Knowledge sharing and technical problem-solving.
  • Gathering feedback and building consensus on technical approaches.
  • Finding ways to improve our knowledge of and build motivation of new contributors.
  • Helping people run developer events by giving advice and financial assistance. See Developer Events for more information.

Thinking of joining?

Great! EWG is a completely open meeting on IRC, see #Meetings below for details. As much of the discussion is highly technical, it is highly beneficial to have a good background in programming and some experience of the OSM data model and technology stack. However, we welcome anyone who wants to help out - come along and see if it's a good fit for you.

Who we are

The EWG meetings are open to anyone who wants to attend, so there is no fixed membership. Based on those who attended the most meetings, the membership list would be:

  • Matt Amos
  • Paul Norman
  • Kai Krueger
  • Shaun McDonald
  • Andy Allan
  • Tom Hughes
  • Ian Dees
  • Richard Fairhurst

2013 Plan



You can get in touch with members of the EWG by attending a meeting, or by sending an email to "engineering at osmfoundation dot org".


Meetings take place most Mondays at 17:30 UTC on the OFTC IRC channel #osm-ewg (Help on using IRC)


Minutes for meetings (& IRC logs) in reverse chronological order:


Minutes link Topics / notes Draft /
10th March 2014 upcoming
24th February 2014 hack weekend, GSoC, dev DB draft
17th February 2014 GSoC, osm2pgsql Accepted tick.png
10th February 2014 Routing Accepted tick.png
3rd February 2014 Routing Accepted tick.png
27th January 2014 Routing, blogs, osm2pgsql threading Accepted tick.png
20th January 2014 Routing, Groups Accepted tick.png
13th January 2014 hack weekend write-up, EWG contact email Accepted tick.png
6th January 2014 osm2pgsql threading, hack weekend write-up Accepted tick.png


Minutes link Topics / notes Draft /
16th December 2013 osm2pgsql threading, xmas Accepted tick.png
9th December 2013 hack events, osm2pgsql threading Accepted tick.png
2nd December 2013 hack weekend, user testing Accepted tick.png
25th November 2013 Accepted tick.png
18th November 2013 redesign branch Accepted tick.png
11th November 2013 no meeting Accepted tick.png
4th November 2013 code4osm, hackdays, osm2pgsql Accepted tick.png
28th October 2013 hackdays, time change, osm2pgsql Accepted tick.png
21st October 2013 EWG remit, developer documentation Accepted tick.png
14th October 2013 Hack event funding, developer documentation Accepted tick.png
7th October 2013 2013 review, developer documentation Accepted tick.png
30th September 2013 Switch2OSM Carto, postgis dumps Accepted tick.png
23rd September 2013 Hackday retention Accepted tick.png
16th September 2013 Trac tickets, Rails 4 Accepted tick.png
9th September 2013 JSON, issue trackers Accepted tick.png
19th August 2013 translations, switch2osm Accepted tick.png
12th August 2013 welcome branch Accepted tick.png
5th August 2013 continuous integration, MapUI issue Accepted tick.png
29th July 2013 API latency / consistency, continuous integration Accepted tick.png
22nd July 2013 carto, labelling issues, merge publicity Accepted tick.png
15th July 2013 low zoom tiles, rails_port docs, testing Accepted tick.png
8th July 2013 /changes deprecation, pgsnapshot cgimap backend Accepted tick.png
1st July 2013 rails_port install docs, /changes deprecation Accepted tick.png
24th June 2013 git practices, /changes, carto, hstore Accepted tick.png
17th June 2013 hackday retention, notes filtering Accepted tick.png
3rd June 2013 rails_port README, Carto, OWL, Routing Accepted tick.png
20th May 2013 rails_port README, Carto benchmarking Accepted tick.png
13th May 2013 rails_port README, Carto benchmarking Accepted tick.png
6th May 2013 help.osm.org i18n Accepted tick.png
29th April 2013 Carto style Accepted tick.png
22nd April 2013 osm2pgsql, READMEs Accepted tick.png
15th April 2013 Carto style, osm2pgsql Accepted tick.png
8th April 2013 re-writing rails_port in Go Accepted tick.png
1st April 2013 long lines rendering issue Accepted tick.png
25th March 2013 2013, role Accepted tick.png
25th February 2013 2013, role Accepted tick.png
18th February 2013 2013, role Accepted tick.png
11th February 2013 notes/bugs branch tickets Accepted tick.png
21st January 2013 Osm2pgsql dev Accepted tick.png
14th January 2013 Retrospective, development server Accepted tick.png
7th January 2013 Retrospective / Planning Accepted tick.png


Minutes link Topics / notes Draft /
17th December 2012 Getting started / documentation Accepted tick.png
10th December 2012 Getting started / documentation Accepted tick.png
3rd December 2012 Getting started / documentation Accepted tick.png
26th November 2012 Junior jobs / Getting started Accepted tick.png
19th November 2012 Notes/bugs branch Accepted tick.png
12th November 2012 Notes/bugs branch Accepted tick.png
5th November 2012 Vector tiles Accepted tick.png
29th October 2012 Clickable POIs and notes branch Accepted tick.png
22nd October 2012 TTT review continued Accepted tick.png
15th October 2012 TTT review continued Accepted tick.png
8th October 2012 TTT review Accepted tick.png
16th April 2012 license change, design Accepted tick.png
9th April 2012 license change, design Accepted tick.png
2nd April 2012 license change, design Accepted tick.png
26th March 2012 license change Accepted tick.png
12th March 2012 TTTs review Accepted tick.png
5th March 2012 TTTs review Accepted tick.png
27th Febuary 2012 UX, license change Accepted tick.png
20th Febuary 2012 routing, license change, coding standards Accepted tick.png
13th Febuary 2012 routing, license change, vector tiles Accepted tick.png
6th Febuary 2012 license change, routing Accepted tick.png
30th January 2012 review/catch-up, MT deputization Accepted tick.png
23rd January 2012 S2O Accepted tick.png
16th January 2012 S2O, TTTs review, patch processes Accepted tick.png
9th January 2012 TTTs feedback, clickable POIs Accepted tick.png
2nd January 2012 2012 plan review, TTTs feedback Accepted tick.png


Minutes link Topics / notes Draft /
26th December 2011 No meeting -
19th December 2011 Budgeting continued: F2F, SOTM & hack weekends Accepted tick.png
12th December 2011 Incentives, budgeting, communicating TTTs Accepted tick.png
5th December 2011 No meeting -
28th November 2011 Further setting goals & tasks Accepted tick.png
21st November 2011 Board requests, setting goals & tasks. Accepted tick.png
14th November 2011 Rails 3 PPA, promoting hack event Accepted tick.png
7th November 2011 Blocked apps page, Communicating Accepted tick.png
24th October 2011 DB schemas, IRC block tile Accepted tick.png
17th October 2011 Rails 3, talk-de feedback Accepted tick.png
10th October 2011 tile usage policy Accepted tick.png
3rd October 2011 Rails 3, barriers to tile rendering Accepted tick.png
26th September 2011 osm2pgsql bugs, ubuntu PPA Accepted tick.png
19th September 2011 piwik, planet.osm.org, build farm Accepted tick.png
5th September 2011 trace categories & new bugs page Accepted tick.png
29th August 2011 rails port install, trac tickets, workshops Accepted tick.png
22nd August 2011 Start-up meeting Accepted tick.png