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One of the foundation Working Groups, the Engineering Working Group assists and guides the community-driven development of OSM-related source code and tools. It is recognised that there is a steep learning curve and wide set of knowledge required to develop OSM software. The primary aim of this working group is to reduce those barriers by facilitating learning and helping new developers to join and participate in the OpenStreetMap development community.

This includes:

  • Running events that help developers connect with people with ideas (e.g: designers, usability experts).
  • Creating and maintaining resources to lower the barrier to entry into the OSM development community.
  • Guiding the development process by suggesting priorities and setting goals.

This does not include:

Who we are =

Because this is very new, there is no formal members list established as yet (We welcome new members) Matt Amos arranged the first meeting


There is no mailing address set up for this group yet. Contact User:Matt or join in the next IRC meeting to chat with the team


IRC logs are listed at Working Group Minutes#Engineering Working Group