Licence and Legal FAQ/Contributor Terms Summary

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Summary of OpenStreetMap Contributor Terms

This is only a summary and is not legally binding! The full text can be found at Contributor Terms. You can find more discussion by the Contributor community : here

  1. Do not put in data you don't have permission to submit. It should either be your own work or something that there is clear permission to use.
  2. You still own the bits of data you put in, i.e. you can still use them in other places.
  3. You allow the OpenStreetMap Foundation to publish your bits of data as part of the OpenStreetMap geodata set for others to use.
  4. The OpenStreetMap Foundation can only publish the data under a free and open license. If it fails in that, it has broken a contract with you.
  5. Until the proposed change-over, that license is the CC BY SA 2.0. When enough existing contributors agree to re-license their data, that license will change to Open Database License 1.0.
  6. The OpenStreetMap Foundation can only pick a new free license if it's approved by the OSMF membership (a foundation of paid-up members) and a 2/3 majority vote of active contributors. You'll be considered an active contributor if you've edited in at least 3 out of the last 12 months and don't take longer than 3 weeks to reply to E-Mail.
  7. If you want attribution you should add your name to the Contributors page.
  8. Both you and the OpenStreetMap Foundation disclaim responsibility for anything that might happen to folks using your data.

Previous Contributor Terms

If you are an existing contributor of data before May 12th 2010, we ask you to re-license your contributions as above as soon as possible. The terms you previously agreed to when registering were:

  • Your contributions were licensed directly under the CC-BY-SA 2.0 license.
  • There was no rights assignment. The OpenStreetMap foundation has had no special rights over contributions.