Licensing Working Group/Trademark licence subcommittee

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Draft page.

The Trademark licensing subcommittee has two members of the Licensing Working Group and one board member who decide on licence requests that are covered by the OSMF Trademark policy, with the understanding that:

  • the subcommittee has the authority to grant licences in the "quick licence" (aka licence application for which we have a form template) framework.
  • licence grants that are of a bespoke nature will be processed by the full LWG and potentially escalated to the OSMF board.
  • licence grant refusals can be appealed to the OSMF board.
  • licence grants will be publicly documented in an appropriate fashion.


  • Simon Poole
  • Kathleen Lu
  • pending

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The administrative assistant, Dorothea Kazazi, is included on the relevant correspondence due to that fact that these are long term contracts that need to be signed by a board member in the end and be part of our corporate records.

Licence grants

  • 2018-06-21 Openrailwaymap licence application accepted.

SotM quick licence requests

Please see SOTM_Quick_Licence/Requests.

Timeline regarding representatives

  • 2018-01 to 2019-12: Heather Leson was the board representative.
  • 2018-01 onwards: The two LWG representatives are Simon Poole and Kathleen Lu.
  • 2018-01: Subcommitee formation approved by board.