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Currently open Local Chapter applications


Applying for LC status in Name of organisation LC application documents Status
Kosovo Free Libre Open Source Software Kosova Kosovo - application docs Active
Argentina Asociación Civil Geolibres Argentina - application docs Active
Oceania OSGeo Oceania Limited Oceania - application docs Active
Czechia OpenStreetMap Česká republika z.s. Czechia - application docs Active
Slovakia Freemap Slovakia Slovakia - application docs Active
Uganda OpenStreetMap Uganda Uganda - application docs Active
Gambia The Gambia YMCA Computer Training Center & Digital Studio Gambia - application docs Latest update 2018-05
Japan 一般社団法人オープンストリートマップ・ファウンデーション・ ジャパン (OpenStreetMap Foundation Japan) Japan - application docs Dormant
USA OpenStreetMap US ? It's Complicated




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