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; Contact email
; Contact email
: contact@openstreetmap.fr
: contact@openstreetmap.fr
: ca@openstreetmap.fr (board public list)
: ca@listes.openstreetmap.fr (board public list)
; Contact phone
; Contact phone
: Not provided
: Not provided
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*Declaration date: November 25, 2011
*Declaration date: November 25, 2011
| Copy of articles association or similar || [[File:OSM_FR_statuts-2014-signatures.pdf]]
| style="vertical-align: top;" | Copy of articles association or similar || [[File:OSM_FR_statuts-2014-signatures.pdf]]
Also [https://www.openstreetmap.fr/statuts online].
Also [https://www.openstreetmap.fr/statuts online].
| Translation for above || [[File:OSM_FR_articles_of_association.pdf]]
| style="vertical-align: top;" | Translation for above || [[File:OSM_FR_articles_of_association.pdf]]
| Logo || [[File:OSM_FR_logo-texte-carre.pdf]]
| style="vertical-align: top;" | Logo || [[File:OSM_FR_logo-texte-carre.pdf]]
| Director information ||
| Director information ||
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!colspan="3" style="text-align: center"| Contracts
!colspan="3" style="text-align: center"| Contracts
| OSMF signed contract || ''File link''
| style="vertical-align: top;" | OSMF signed contract || [[File:Osmf-france-signed.pdf|page=4|300px]]

Latest revision as of 14:57, 9 October 2017

Applicant information

OpenStreetMap France
Operating title
OpenStreetMap France
Region or topic
Contact name
Christian Quest (as current president)
Benoît Fournier (as board member, in charge of the present application)
Contact email
ca@listes.openstreetmap.fr (board public list)
Contact phone
Not provided
Registered place of business
Maison des Associations du 2ème arrondissement, 23 rue Greneta, 75002 Paris, France
Subgroup within organization
Not applicable, independent organisation
Rough equivalent of incorporation form in UK law
Non-profit voluntary association
Incorporation form in France law: association à but non lucratif selon la loi du 1 er juillet 1901
Item Link
Basic contact information Above
Corporate documents
Trade registry entry
  • Identification R.N.A. : W751212517
  • Paru le : 17/12/2011
  • Département (Région) : Paris (Île-de-France)
  • Lieu parution : Déclaration à la Préfecture de police.
  • Type d'annonce : ASSOCIATION/CREATION
  • Déclaration à la Préfecture de police. OPENSTREETMAP FRANCE.
  • Objet : promouvoir le projet openstreetmap et notamment la collecte, la diffusion et l’utilisation de données cartographiques sous des licences libres.
  • Date de la déclaration : 25 novembre 2011.

See also: http://www.journal-officiel.gouv.fr/association/index.php?ACTION=Rechercher&JTY_WALDEC=W751212517

Déclaration de création de l'association

OSM FR Récépissé déclaration préfecture 2011.png

Translation for above
  • Identification R.N.A. : W751212517
  • Publication date: 17/12/2011
  • Location: Paris (Île-de-France)
  • Advertisement type: ASSOCIATION / CREATION
  • Declaration to Paris police headquarters. OPENSTREETMAP FRANCE.
  • Purpose: promoting openstreetmap project including the collection, diffusion and use of cartographic data under free licenses.
  • Declaration date: November 25, 2011
Copy of articles association or similar OSM FR statuts-2014-signatures.pdf

Also online.

Translation for above OSM FR articles of association.pdf
Logo OSM FR logo-texte-carre.pdf
Director information

Owners, if any: None

Current Board members & Officers:

  • Louis-Julien de la Bouëre - trésorier adjoint
  • Jean-Guilhem Cailton
  • Vincent de Château-Thierry - vice-président
  • Nicolas Dumoulin
  • Tony Emery
  • Benoît Fournier
  • Jocelyn Jaubert
  • Jean Karinthi - trésorier
  • Florian Lainez
  • Gaël Musquet - porte parole
  • Christian Quest - président
  • Donat Robaux - secrétaire adjoint
  • Frédéric Rodrigo
  • Jean-Louis Zimmermann - secrétaire

Member count (September 2016) about 150

Financial information

Financial reports

Report for 2015 and 3-year figures: File:OSM FR financial-2013-2015.ods

Tax returns

Not applicable. For non-profit voluntary association with small enough budget, tax returns are not compulsory.

Liability insurance

Yes, amount to be determined.

Intellectual property

Relevant intellectual property (OpenStreetMap, OSM, StateOfTheMap) registered by the applicant

  • Association since 2011 registered under name OpenStreetMap France, no registration for intellectual property
  • Annual public conferences since 2013 under name State of the Map France, no registration for intellectual property

Social media accounts registered by the applicant

Domain names

  • openstreetmap.fr
  • osmfr.org
  • osm.social


  • No trademark

Other exclusive rights (company names, protected designs, patents of any kind etc)

  • None
Consultation documents
Local consultation https://lists.openstreetmap.org/pipermail/talk-fr/2017-June/084524.html
OSMF member https://lists.openstreetmap.org/pipermail/osmf-talk/2017-June/004176.html
OSMF signed contract Osmf-france-signed.pdf