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(Template for Germany's LC application - To be filled)
; Organization
: Verein zur Förderung Freier (und) Open Source Software (für) Geoinformationssysteme e.V.
: ''text''
; Operating title
; Website
: www.fossgis.de
: ''text''
; Region or topic
: Germany (only – not Austria and Switzerland, for whom we serve as the OSGeo chapter but who have their own OSM organisations).
: Germany
; Contact name
: Marco Lechner (current chairman of the board)
: ''text''
; Contact email
: vorstand@fossgis.de
: ''text''
; Contact phone
: ''textkept private''
; Registered place of business
: Mayence, Germany
: ''text''
; Subgroup within organization
: Yes, it is a local chapter of OSGeo
; Rough equivalent of incorporation form in UK law
: Limited company/Community Interest Company (CIC)
[https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Registered_association_%28Germany%29 Wikipedia: Registered association (Germany)]
==Status Table==
| Translation for above || ||
| Logo || [[File:FOSSGIS_logo.png]] ||
| Director information || ||
'''Owners, if any''': None
'''Current Board members/Trustees/Officers''':<br>
The current board of directors consists of
* Marco Lechner (Chairman)
* Till Adams (Vice Chairman)
* Frederik Ramm (Treasurer)
* Dominik Helle (Secretary)
'''Member count''': (29th of July 2017)
* 190 natural persons,
* 24 legal entities
| Financial information || ||
| Intellectual property || ||
FOSSGIS e.V. holds the domain name „openstreetmap.de“ but no other OSM-relevant
names or registrations.
!colspan="3" style="text-align: center"| Consultation documents
==Other Documents==
Draft (annotated) modified Local Chapter agreement
{| class="wikitable"
|'' Background: The applicants had some minor issues with the [https://wiki.osmfoundation.org/wiki/Local_Chapters/Template_agreement Local Chapter agreement]. One of them was that both OSMF and the LC have to report in a yearly fashion, but the wording of the LC agreement regarding the deadline of the report after the end of the business year is slightly different, yielding slightly different rules for both parties. The OSMF Board of Directors discussed this issue at the [https://wiki.osmfoundation.org/wiki/Board/Minutes/2017-07-18#German_Local_Chapter_application July 2017 board meeting] and decided that it can be flexible and is prepared to process the application, if the requested change of the LC agreement is minor, as in this case.