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Applicant information

OSGeo Oceania Limited
Operating title
​OSGeo Oceania
Region or topic
Contact name
​ Andrew Harvey
Contact email
Contact phone
Kept private
Registered place of business
Floor 2, 18 Elizabeth Street, Hobart​, 7000, Tasmania
Subgroup within organization
Rough equivalent of incorporation form in UK law
Public Limited Company
Item Link
Basic contact information Above
Corporate documents
Trade registry entry OSGeo Oceania Certificate of Registration.pdf
Copy of articles association or similar Constitution (29 pages)].
Logo OSGeo Oceania logo.jpg
Director information Current Board members/Trustees/Officers:
  • Alex Leith - Treasurer
  • Daniel Silk
  • Edoardo Neerhut
  • Greg Lauer - Secretary
  • John Bryant - President
  • Jonah Sullivan
  • Kerry Smyth
  • Martin Tomko
  • Trisha Moriarty

Member count per 2019-08-01: 9

Financial information

Financial reports:

  • None available yet, as OSGeo Oceania is a new organisation. However, we hold an AUD $34k surplus from last year's FOSS4G SotM Oceania conference, and are on track to meet our financial targets for our 2019 event.

Tax returns:

  • None submitted at this time.

Liability insurance:

  • We currently don't hold any liability insurance. Liability insurance for our event is held by the venue​.
Intellectual property

Domain names:

  • osgeo-oceania.org
  • foss4g-oceania.org

Trademarks (please include classes):

  • None

Other exclusive rights: (company names, protected designs, patents of any kind etc):

  • Company name: OSGeo Oceania Ltd
Consultation documents
Local consultation Link to local list message or other consultation
OSMF member Link to osmf-talk@ message
OSMF signed contract File link

Other information

Membership in or affiliations with other organisations (for example with the Wikimedia Foundation)
OSGeo Foundation regional chapter application in progress.