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Applicant information

OpenStreetMap Uganda
Operating title
Region or topic
Contact name
Geoffrey Kateregga
Contact email
Contact phone
kept private
Registered place of business
90 Kanjokya Street, Kampala
Subgroup within organization
Rough equivalent of incorporation form in UK law

Status Table

Item Link Date
Basic contact information Above
Corporate documents
Trade registry entry OSM Uganda-Certificate of incorporation.jpg 2018-12-28
Copy of articles association or similar Constitution (.pdf, 300 KB, 16 pages) 2020-11-11
Logo OSM Uganda-Logo.pdf 2020-10-02
Director information

Owners, if any:

Current Board members/Trustees/Officers:

  • Geoffrey Kateregga
  • Deogratias Kiggudde
  • Barbara Arimi
  • Emmanuel Adiba
  • David Luswata

Member count
189 as of November 2020 (102 male and 87 female)

2020-10-02 and 2020-11-11
Financial information

Tax returns:

Liability insurance:

Intellectual property

Relevant intellectual property (OpenStreetMap, OSM, StateOfTheMap) registered by the applicant

  • OpenStreetMap Uganda

Domain names


Other exclusive rights (company names, protected designs, patents of any kind etc)

Consultation documents
Local consultation https://lists.openstreetmap.org/pipermail/talk-ug/2020-November/000164.html 2020-11-22
OSMF members https://lists.openstreetmap.org/pipermail/osmf-talk/2020-November/007423.html 2020-11-22
LC signed contract
OSMF signed contract

Other information

Membership in or affiliations with other organisations (for example with the Wikimedia Foundation):

  • Wikimedia Community User Group Uganda
  • Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT)
  • OSM Africa

Other Documents

NGO permit

NGO permit

Organisational structure

OSM Uganda-Organisational Structure.pdf
(file updated 2020-10-02)