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The Management Team is the executive body of the Foundation. It is formed by a member of each of the Working Groups.


It's task are amongst others:

Regular feedback from/to the working groups

Hearing progress/activity reports from working groups. Recommendations/steering may be fed back to the working groups. This applies particularly to the more active working groups. Some less active working groups may choose not represent themselves at every meeting.

Scoping of working groups

Changes to scope and responsibilities of existing working groups may be discussed in the management meeting, although this is largely a choice made by the working groups themselves. The management team should look out for issues which are falling between the gaps, discuss ideas for formation of new working groups, and facilitate their formation.

Review budgets and financials

Implementing the budget which has been laid out by the board, with decisions around day-to-day activities of the foundation. Any activities (within or beyond the scope of working groups) which involve spending/budgeting decisions should be discussed.


The Management_Team/Proposed_Statutes form the basis for the Management Team's activities and responsibilities, and were approved by the board in the Board_Meeting_Minutes_2013-06-20 meeting.



Date Minutes
2013-10-15 Meeting minutes 2013-10-15 (draft)
2013-09-17 Meeting minutes 2013-09-17
2013-08-20 Meeting minutes 2013-08-20
2013-07-23 Meeting minutes 2013-07-23
2013-06-18 Meeting minutes 2013-06-18
2013-05-21 Meeting minutes 2013-05-21
2013-04-23 Meeting minutes 2013-04-23
2013-03-19 Meeting minutes 2013-03-19
2013-02-12 Meeting minutes 2013-02-12
2013-01-15 Meeting minutes 2013-01-15


Date Minutes
2012-12-20 Meeting minutes 2012-12-20
2012-05-10 Meeting minutes 2012-05-10
2012-04-12 Meeting minutes 2012-04-12
2012-03-08 Meeting minutes 2012-03-08
2012-02-18 Meeting minutes 2012-02-18
2012-02-01 Meeting minutes 2012-02-01
2012-01-04 Meeting minutes 2012-01-04


Date Minutes
2011-12-14 Meeting minutes 2011-12-14
2011-11-30 Meeting minutes 2011-11-30
2011-11-16 Meeting minutes 2011-11-16
2011-10-19 Meeting minutes 2011-10-19
2011-08-24 Meeting minutes 2011-08-24
2011-07-27 Formation meeting minutes 2011-07-27
2011-07-15 Formation meeting minutes 2011-07-15