Mission Statement

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The OpenStreetMap Foundation is an international, not-for-profit, democratic organisation with the tasks of supporting the OSM project, running and protecting the OSM database, and making it available to all. The OSMF membership is open to all who want to support the project and participate in the OSMF’s democratic process.

The OpenStreetMap Foundation is there to protect the OSM database from hijacking, and keep it free and open.

The OpenStreetMap Foundation represents the OSMF members, and wants to grow the membership.

The Foundation's objectives are (this list is not meant to be exhaustive):

  • To make OSM data available for anyone (for editing and in whole).
  • The data being current.
  • The data to approach geographic truth (or “ground truth”).
  • That humans add and curate data.
  • That the data and responsibility for it belong to all contributors.
  • To facilitate decision-making in the community where necessary.
  • To be the ultimate “court” of conflict resolution.

(This Mission Statement was decided at the November 2012 Face-to-Face meeting of the OSMF board.)