Monthly Board Meetings

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Date and link to agenda/minutes page Topics Circular resolutions
2022-03-24 13:00 UTC Next public board meeting. Topics will get locked on 2022-03-17.
2022-03-08 13:00 UTC
(Mid-month board chat, not open to observers)
2022-02 26th and 27th Screen-to-screen board meeting
(not open to observers)
  • Goal list
  • Action items and decisions
  • OSM/OSMF/Board weather report
  • Membership prerequisites
  • Attribution - Agree on an attribution enforcement strategy
  • Local Chapter minimum criteria - (including formalisation/clarification on commercial activities)
  • Identify more effective ways of getting foundation work done - Executive director
  • HOT - Define steps towards a formalized relationship with HOT
  • Identify what we want to do in the next year, and agree on action items for the next few months
  • Takeover protection
  • Budget
  • Fundraising
  • Conflicts of interest
  • Board - Consider idea of board candidacy mentoring
  • Board communication - Discuss how to increase regular two-way communication of individual board members with the community. (not necessarily speaking on behalf of the board) about OSMF related matters
  • Mitigating bus factors risks
  • De-bottlenecking the board
2022-02-24 Draft minutes.
(Mid-month board chat, not open to observers)
  • Draft minutes