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* [[Board_Meeting_Minutes/Overview_201812| Overview of Board meeting topics and votes]]
* [[Board_Meeting_Minutes/Overview_201812| Overview of Board meeting topics and votes]]
* [[Local_Chapters/Overview_201712| Local Chapters]]
* [[Local_Chapters/Overview_201812| Local Chapters]]
| October
| October

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  • Content: Highlighting updates related to the Foundation - mostly news from the volunteer Working Groups, the Board of Directors, the Advisory Board members and some project news.
  • Details: For more details you are invited to read the minutes or reports of the Board and the Working Groups (links on each page).
  • Accuracy: These reports do not go through a formal acceptance procedure, like the Board minutes are. This might change. The March 2018 OSMF report, and probably the following ones, will be made known to the Working Groups first, before being sent to the membership.


Month/Period Report
January - November
October OSMF_updates/2018-10
July OSMF_updates/2018-07
March OSMF_updates/2018-03
January OSMF_updates/2018-01


Period Report
Dec 2016 - Dec 2017