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OSMF updates - August 2020 to August 2021*

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About this page

  • Content: Highlighting updates related to the Foundation - mostly news from the volunteer Working Groups, the Board of Directors, the Local Chapters (in relation to OSMF), the Advisory Board members and the rest of Foundation bodies. In some cases, diary entries and posts from individuals are linked, if they are related to the work of their working group/committee/etc.
  • Details: For more details you are invited to read the minutes or reports of the Board and the Working Groups (links on each section).
  • Accuracy: These reports do not go through a formal acceptance process, like the public Board minutes are. This might change. Reports are made known to the Working Groups and committees first, before being sent to the membership.
  • Previous reports: here.

* With minor exceptions.


Ongoing or discussed

Please note that the list below mostly does not include regular work by working groups and topics have been mentioned during board meetings.

Working Groups updates

Working Groups are the main way in which the Foundation supports OSM in specific areas. Working Groups' members are volunteers.

Like everything in OpenStreetMap, we are very open and always welcome new working group members and helpers. If you support the ideals of OpenStreetMap and open data and want to help, just email the group that interests you.

Committees, Special Committees and other Foundation bodies

Committees are defined in the Articles of Association 91-94, and not typically employed by the Board. OSMF currently has one such committee.

Special committees
Special committees are different from the committees above (defined in the Articles of Association 91-94) and cannot be considered to be a subgroup of them. See rules 6, 7 and 8 under section 9 of the Board rules of order.

Other OSM Foundation bodies
The Microgrants committee, while having the word "committee" in its name, was not created as a committee defined in the Articles of Association 91-94, and thus is listed under "other Foundation bodies".


Financial updates

The 2021 report by the Treasurer will be available by 11 December 2021 and linked from this page.

Other updates

Local Chapter related OSMF news

See Local Chapters overview.

Membership statistics as of September 11th, 2021

See Membership statistics.

2021 board election and Annual General Meeting

How can I help the Foundation?

OSM heart.png

Become a Member* (for free if you are an active OSM contributor or for £15 per year)
Help a Working Group
Become a Local Chapter
Become a Corporate Member

Information on voting for the 2021 board election: Please note that new members who join from 2021-09-12 to 2021-12-11 (annual general meeting of OSMF) are not eligible to vote at the 2021 board election, according to our Articles of Association. They can attend the annual general meeting and public board meetings and participate in discussions on osmf-talk, the mailing list for osmf-members (archive). They will be eligible to vote at the 2022 board elections, once they renew their memberships, if needed. Thanks for understanding.