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To follow
= Attendees =
* Pete
* Tobias
* Mikel
= Agenda / Notes =
== Updates ==
=== Take stock social media / Clean Up Access to Blog ===
ACTION: Pete to check in with Ben to see if there’s aspects of [https://gitlab.com/osmfoundation/cwg/-/issues/12 this work] he needs to offload given his new circumstances
=== Guidelines for Guest posts ===
Needs continued conversation as this getting into the territory of an editorial policy. Pete chatted with a friend who has written editorial policies for medical journals and scientific conferences and she said they need to be underpinned by agreed upon principles / values. This comes first and then the editorial policy is built on top.
ACTION: Pete to document learnings from conversation on the gitlab wiki.
=== Blog presentation Cleanup ===
ACTIONS: Harry was to screenshot some different design update options and share back with the group but no update yet
=== Finalize CWG joining proces ===
All of the new joining process copy is now up on the OSMF wiki and a new member has now used the info to join. Process was pretty smooth. There are a couple of missing pieces loeft to address (see actions)
* Pete to add description of decision making process (once someone has signalled their interest to join) on the gitlab wiki
* Mikel will look at documentation for new member onboarding (beyond access to accounts)
== Blogs ==
=== Fastly ===
<nowiki>https://gitlab.com/osmfoundation/cwg/-/issues/9</nowiki> -
ACTION: Mikel to follow up
=== Local Chapter posts ===
ACTION: Check in with Dorothea on coverage for this…??
=== Content pipeline ===
Coming up (or potentially coming up):
* EWG intro and outreach blog post (coming as fairly finished draft) - Tobias as point of contact
* OSMF AGM and elections - right for blog? (in December) - to discuss in the future
* Etiquette and moderation (LCCWG) milestone (+ any other upcoming LCCWG opportunities) - Pete to reach out
* Discours instance - community sensitisation support? - Tobias to check when would be good for CWG to support
* Mastadon instance announcement? - Pete to flag with Amanda to see if she is interested to draft
* New member outreach? (see discussion below)
See names above.
=== Miss ===
OSM Birthday 24 hour event :(
== New Topics ==
=== member engagement ===
==== new member recruitment ====
Is it best to make sure there is plenty to do and easy to onboard and engage before doing a lot of outreach?
==== quiet member checkin ====
Is it best to first do quiet member check in?
and blog access clean up <nowiki>https://gitlab.com/osmfoundation/cwg/-/issues/28</nowiki>
==== making it easier for members to engage ====
Regular meetings plus better use of async tools
Discussion of whether there are ways to bridge IRC to a wider variety of platforms so that non-IRC natives have options for engaging asynchronously. Slack integration possible through a third party, but nothing else came to mind.
* Mikel to organise a regular cadence for the meetings
=== agreement on discussion and decision making processes on list ===