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!style="text-align: middle; background: white;" | <span style="color: black;">State of the Map 20192020 will take place from the 213rd-235th September 2019July in HeidelbergCape Town, GermanyAfrica!</span>
You can find all the information about the State of the Map 20182019 event that took place in MilanHeidelberg (ItalyGermany) at [http://20182019.stateofthemap.org/ 20182019.stateofthemap.org] and on the [https://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/State_of_the_Map_2018State_of_the_Map_2019 OpenStreetMap wiki].
'''Regional SotMs are organised exclusively by local teams, not by the OpenStreetMap Foundation:''' Please note that regional SotMs (such as SotM-Asia, SotM-Africa, SotM-LatAm and others) are organised exclusively by local teams, which run their own sponsorship programs and have separate budgets from the OpenStreetMap Foundation. If you want to contact the organisers of a regional SotM, it is preferable to contact them directly.
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== Meetings ==
See [[Working Group Minutes#StateoftheMap Organizing Committee| StateoftheMap Organizing Committee minutes]] for previous public minutes (''while public minutes do not exist for every yearmeeting, the Organising Committee is active'').
The organising committee meets every other week via conference call. In about 2 months before the event, the frequency will be increased to once a week.