StateoftheMap Organizing Committee

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One of the foundation Working Groups, the StateoftheMap Organzing Committee are responsible for the organization and execution of the annual OpenStreetMap Foundation Conference "The State of the Map".

You can find all the information about the upcoming State of the Map 2016 event in Brussels (Belgium) at

Who we are

2015 Members:

  • Alex Barth
  • Alyssa Wright
  • Christine Karch
  • Gregory Marler
  • Henk Hoff
  • Jessi Mann
  • Mikel Maron (also on OSMF Board)
  • Rob Nickerson (lead)
  • Serge Wroclawski
  • Tatiana Van Campenhout

2015 local(Brussels) Team:

  • Alexandre Jaillon
  • Ben Abelshausen
  • Benoit Fournier
  • Joost Schouppe
  • Julien Fastré
  • Marc Ducobu
  • Pieter-Jan Pauwels
  • Tobrun Van Nuland

Additional support during venue bid process

  • Randy Meech
  • Richard Weait

Contact us

You can get in touch with the whole team at:

When you are interested in sponsoring the event, please contact the sponsor-team at:


See Working Group Minutes#StateoftheMap Organizing Committee

The organising committee meets every other week via conference call. In about 2 months before the event, the frequency will be increased to once a week.

Past committees

The membership of this committee varies each year to some extent, as the conference moves to different locations.

2014 Members:

  • Gonzalo Gabriel Perez (main coordinator)
  • Fernando Sanz
  • Nicolás Alvarez
  • Miguel Angel Blanco
  • Germán Carrasco
  • Malena Libman
  • María Inés Szychowski
  • Juan Pablo Kutianski
  • Mauricio Miranda
  • Germán Carrasco
  • Henk Hoff (OSMF Board)

2013 Members:

  • Henk Hoff (OSMF Board, Chair)
  • Floris Looijesteijn
  • Steve Coast
  • Deb Tankersley
  • Taichi Furuhashi
  • Daniel Kastl
  • Hal Seki

The 2013 Local team (in Birmingham) was:

  • Brian Prangle
  • Andy Robinson
  • Andrew McKenzie
  • Andy Mabbett
  • Mike Duffy
  • Matt Williams
  • Jonathan Harley
  • Stuart Lester
  • Rob Nickerson
  • Shaun McDonald
  • Nick Whitelegg
  • Florian Lainez
  • Gregory Marler

2012 Members:

  • Henk Hoff (OSMF Board, Chair)
  • Floris Looijesteijn
  • Steve Coast (OSMF Board)
  • Deb Tankersley
  • Taichi Furuhashi
  • Daniel Kastl
  • Hal Seki
  • Daisuke Yoshida
  • Toshikazu Seto
  • Satoshi Iida
  • Yuichiro Nishimura

2011 Members:

  • Henk Hoff (OSMF Board, Chair)
  • Floris Looijesteijn: program, website
  • Hurricane Coast: lead local, sponsorships
  • Bojan Sobocan: scholarships
  • Steve Coast (OSMF Board): local, sponsorships
  • Ariann Nassel: local
  • Deb Tankersley: local
  • Charlotte Wolter : press releases
  • Serge Wroclawski: workshops, scholarships
  • Sam Larsen: program, sponsorship
  • Peter Batty: FOSS4G bridge
  • Iván Sánchez Ortega: program

2010 Members:

  • Henk Hoff skype:toffehoff (OSMF Board, Chair)
  • Martijn van Exel skype:mvexel
  • Floris Looijesteijn skype:floris1978
  • Arjan Spigt skype:arjanspigt
  • Hurricane McEwen skype:hurricanemcewen
  • Nick Black skype:nickb_sk
  • Bojan Sobocan skype:bojansobocan
  • Will King skype:geodatasolutions
  • Emilie Laffray skype:melaskia
  • Richard Weait skype:rweait
  • Steve Coast (OSMF Board) skype:stevecoast
  • Iván Sánchez Ortega skype:ivansanchezortega

2009 Members: