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One of the foundation Working Groups, the Strategic Working Group will research and provide recommendations to the board (and management committee) on the long-term activities of OSMF.

SWG pulls together interested parties from across the community in an attempt to provide a cohesive guidance to other working groups and the management team.

SWG does
  • Research the available options.
  • Provide guidance to other WGs and/or management task force.
  • Identifying opportunities for improvement in the activities of OSMF.
SWG does not
  • Handle operational issues, make decisions regarding funding allocation.
  • (is not required to) implement policy.

Who we are

  • Mikel Maron (Group chairman, OSMF Board)
  • Kate Chapman
  • Steven Feldman
  • Chris Fleming
  • Henk Hoff (OSMF Board)
  • Tom Hughes
  • Kai Krueger
  • Sam Larsen
  • Brian Quinion
  • Grant Slater
  • Eugene Usvitsky

2012 Plan

As of February 4, 2012, this is the draft, work in progress version of the SWG 2012 plan. We expect to submit the final version at the next Management Team meeting in March.

SWG Plan 2012


Public discussions take place on the strategy mailing list at: You can email all members by posting to this list (you need to subscribe first)


Minutes and schedule for upcoming meetings