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Questions to be considered?

  • What is OpenStreetMap? And what is the OpenStreetMap Foundation?
  • What is the purpose of the OpenStreetMap Foundation?
  • How many members does the Foundation have?
  • What rights and duties does a member have?
  • Who can become a member of the Foundation?
  • Is my membership automatically renewed?
  • How do the decision processes work in the Foundation?
  • What is the annual budget of the foundation?
  • If I donate to the OpenStreetMap Foundation, where does my money go?
  • Which Intellectual Property does the Foundation own?
  • How many employees does the Foundation have?
  • How does the cooperation between the OpenStreetMap project and Foundation work?
  • How does the Foundation support the OpenStreetMap project?
  • Does the Foundation support any other projects besides the OpenStreetMap project?
  • How is the Foundation financed?
  • Does the Foundation do regular publications or OpenStreetMap events?
  • What are the competitors of the Foundation?
  • What were the largest donations the Foundation has received?
  • Can anybody "hijack" the foundation to take advantage of the rights of the foundation?