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= Big Blue Button =
= Big Blue Button =
== Introduction ==
[https://bigbluebutton.org/ BigBlueButton] is an open source web video conferences and chat system. As of April 2020 the OSMF has arranged for a BBB server to be set up in [https://osmvideo.cloud68.co osmvideo.cloud68.co].
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== Getting started ==
[https://bigbluebutton.org/html5/ The BigBlueButton project has some tutorial videos].
=== Things to note ===
* Shared Notes disappear when the meeting ends. Be sure to copy them somewhere before ending the meeting.
== Administration of users ==
The following User Roles are in use on the server:
|can do all the things
|Usually Board members only
|can do everything except change user roles
| That's kind of annoying, because we would want them to be able to verify users But we don't want them to be able to make other people admin
|default group, where new people arrive
|Unverified user
|We accepted them, but we don't know who they are
|Verified user
|We accepted them and know who they are

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Big Blue Button

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