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= Big Blue Button =
= Big Blue Button =
== Introduction ==
[https://bigbluebutton.org/ BigBlueButton] is an open source web video conferences and chat system. As of April 2020 the OSMF has arranged for a BBB server to be set up in [https://osmvideo.cloud68.co osmvideo.cloud68.co]. This server is available for the wider OpenStreetMap community: you can use it for OSMF business, but also for your local community meetings etc.
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== Getting started ==
To be able to host meetings, make an account at [https://osmvideo.cloud68.co osmvideo.cloud68.co]. This is automatically approved. Participants in the meeting do not need to make an account.
[https://bigbluebutton.org/html5/ The BigBlueButton project has some tutorial videos].
=== Things to note ===
* Shared Notes disappear when the meeting ends. Be sure to copy them somewhere before ending the meeting.
* It is''not'' needed to let the OSMF know that you are using the server. However, if you are planning to host a larger event, please let us know so we can make sure there is no scheduled maintainance and Cloud68 can keep an extra eye on the server (just in case). Do feel free to contact the Board if you have any questions.
* You can record a regular room, but please download and remove them quickly. Server space is limited.
* Break-out rooms currently do not seem to offer the option to record the sessions.
== Administration of users ==
The following User Roles are in use on the server:
|can do all the things
|Usually Board members only
|can do everything except change user roles
| That's kind of annoying, because we would want them to be able to verify users But we don't want them to be able to make other people admin
|default group, where new people arrive
|Unverified user
|We accepted them, but we don't know who they are
|Verified user
|We accepted them and know who they are

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Big Blue Button

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